You might have seen Royal Enfield testing a lot of vehicle recently. Of late there are plans for the launch of the Royal Enfield Classic with the updated engine. Moving further the company will launch a bike in every quarter. Now to meet this target we might see a lot of permutations and combinations. Of these there might also be a Royal Enfield scrambler. If we take a look at Honda CB 350 H’ness it is the only bike that comes close to the Classic. It does not directly rival but the people who have been skipping the Royal Enfield for their engine are now moving towards either CB 350 or the new Meteor. To keep this in check we think that there might be a Royal Enfield scrambler.

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Royal Enfield Scrambler Engine

Royal Enfield Meteor Price

The Royal Enfield Scrambler might be a side project of the Hunter. Now we do not have an exclusive news confirmation about this from Royal Enfield but if they are planning to bring in the Interceptor in 650 they could also bring in the GT too. But instead of the aggressive clip-ons they give it a handle bar it might be an easy convert in a scrambler.

Other than this bike will have better engine protection, long travel suspension and an upswept exhaust. The long travel suspension could be from the Himalayan and so could be the switchable dual channel ABS.

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Why Scrambler?

CB 350 to cater to the much younger audience has brought in the RS. Now this vehicle will lures the young audience and also make sure that the scrambler audience is tapped. Having Royal Enfield there might make for a great sales grosser.

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Why not a GT350?

honda cb350 black side

Technically looking at Royal Enfield lineup, the GT 650 is the flagship motorcycle in Royal Enfield lineup. Making a detuned version of that bike does not make for a great brand positioning. Also the GT 350 might not be able to deliver the rush that is associated with the GT name.

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To put it all together we might come across a Royal Enfield scrambler along with the launch of the Royal Enfield Hunter. Now the date for unveil of the Royal Enfield Hunter is not confirm. Also recently we have spotted a Jawa Scrambler in testing. It might not be a long time before we see a lot of bikes entering in this segment.

Royal Enfield Scrambler

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