With the recent arrival of the updated Himalayan you might think that there might be a lot bug fixes. Well take a look at this Chinese Himalayan which has almost all the new features that a lot of us were expecting but knew that they would not come so soon!

What has changed?

Chinese Himalayan display

The Chinese Himalayan or the Hanway G30 is a 250cc ADV. It comes with a lot of features like LED headlamps along with DRLs, USD forks and tubeless tyres with wire spoke wheels. To top it all off it also gets a LED instrument cluster and charging socket as seen on the KTM Adventure bikes.


Chinese Himalayan Spoked wheels

There are 2 variants of this bike offered by the company. There is a standard variant with regular allow wheels and tubeless tyres and a different instrument cluster.

The G30-X gets a better TFT instrument console and side-laced spoked wheels. Now the pricing of the this Chinese Himalayan starts from CNY 17,280 which is almost Rs 1.92 lakhs. This is impressive as it is cheaper than the regular Himalayan.

Chinese Engine

Chinese Himalayan Engine

This Hanway G30 or the Chinese Himalayan uses a 249cc liquid cooled engine. This does make 26 bhp and 22nm of torque at 7500 rpm. Also the engine is mounted quite similarly on the double cradle frame like the Himalayan.

Chinese Himalayan Display

But the high reving nature of the engine suggests that the bike will not be good on offroads. It will not have tractor like pulling power that the Himalayan has on rough terrain. Revving the engine high to get to the power will be needed which is not really a good thing on offroad.

There are other things that hint that this bike is meant for the highway. Things like USD forks with 120mm of travel. Also the 42mm forks are quite beefy and that would mean better highway manners. Also the brake rotors are quite big but we can not comment on the braking performance unless we ride the bike.

Also the Tank of the bike is 19 litres while you gets 14 litre tank on Himalayan. This clearly hints towards a highway focused bike.

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