Buying a used car is a smart financial move but buying the wrong car can put you in financial debt. Here are the few simple things that you should check in a used car before buying it!

No Inspection No Car

If the owner of the car does not allow inspection of the vehicle it is obvious that they might be trying to hide something.

No inspection

Also a clean engine might suggest that the engine bay has been washed to hide some oils splutters. Also some cars have their insulation removed as they get damaged because of engine fluids. A good smooth running engine should not have any sorts of minor leaks. So if the Owner is not allowing to check the engine it is a no go!

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Odd Odometer Readings

Readings of the Odometer be it digital or analogue can not be completely trusted. If you see a car with very absurd odometer reading then you could ask the owner about this and trust his word or just take a look at the radiator and engine.

Odo Meter

Odometer of a car could be tampered but the wear and tear on the parts shows. Also if you do come to know about the tampering with the odometer then just avoid that vehicle.

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No Service Record

If there is no service record of the vehicle just consider that the vehicle has not be officially serviced. These could be points where you can ask the owner to lower some price.

No Service Record

The risk here is that if actually the car is not serviced regularly then there might be problems arising with the car and it is better to avoid such offering.

Test Drive

Taking a test drive of the car is very important. Some owners might refuse on giving out their vehicle for test drives in name of increased odometer reading.

No Test Drive

At times a test drive tells you what is exactly wrong with the vehicle and what sounds does it make while driving. Also a lot of old cars do have rattling noises so many owners do not let potential buyers take test drive.

Also request the owner of the vehicle to leave the car cold as you could check if there is a problem with cold starting of the vehicle.

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No Warranty

Void Warranty

Last reason to avoid a used car is if it does not have warranty. If there is a warranty the owner will let you know and also quote a higher price. Just confirm with the company records if this warranty is legitimate and valid.

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