Honda Activa is the best selling scooter in India. It is always on the top of the list when it comes to sales and the only reason is its name and reliability. Honda also has made the Activa a brand in its self it is a no-brainer choice for many when it comes to buying a scooter. Here are some of the Honda Activa Accessories which you should consider buying if you have a Honda Activa 6g

Side Stand Set

From Factory the Honda Activa comes without a side stand and the dealer will not even ask you before adding this side stand as an accessory. This is a way to show the retail price of the scooter a bit low.

Honda Activa side Stand

For Rs 209 the side stand set is not a big deal and one should definitely not skip buying it.

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Guard with Side Step

honda Activa Side Step

Honda Activa with out a guard around it is very rare. Most people with an Activa go for an aftermarket guard but the one offered buy Honda comes with a side step. It is priced at Rs 1,921. Having a footrest guard protects the scooter and keeps it at bay from nicks and scratches.

Honda Activa chrome guard

Other guards are the ones with out a footrest and they come in 2 colours. The one in chrome costs more at Rs 1835 and it is better to go for the one with foot rest.

But if you want a black coloured guard on your Honda Activa then you can save some money but will have to compromise on a foot rest.

Honda Activa black guard

This guard costs Rs 1,310 and looks classier than the chrome finished guard.

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Rubber Mat

Rubber mat

Another place where you have to keep you foot on the scooter in the front footboard. To avoid scratches on the and keep the floor board easy to clean the rubber mat at Rs 237 is an easy fix.

Seat Covers

With the Honda Activa 6g you can get 2 types of seats covers. One is a rubber cover and is called the economical cover. It is priced lower at Rs 186.


Honda activa Cheap Seat

The other colours is a premium cover and it has a cloth texture. It is priced at Rs 450. But if you look at the economical cover it is practical too. Being made out of water repellent materiel it is very useful in rains.

Honda Activa 6G Premium Seat


Honda Activa Cover

Although an Activa is not a very exotic vehicle still thefts of Honda Activa are common. The best way to keep your vehicle is to cover it. A thief is very unlikely to steal a covered vehicle.

The cover is one of the Honda Activa Accessories which will keep the scooter clean and also safe.

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Saree Step

Honda Activa Footrest

The Activa Seat is quite wide and sitting on it sideways is preferred. The saree step at Rs 862 seems a lot but it adds a lot of comfort for the pillion if they want to sit sideways.

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Handle Grips

Honda Activa Grips

These are last among the list of Honda Activa Accessories. They cost Rs 50 and come in 2 different designs. These grips are not really comfortable and the stock handlebars are good enough. If you dont want to put scratches on your stock handle bar then these grips might be something that you should consider.

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