Today electric vehicles are not spoken about when someone talks about the future and how they will work in theory. Electric vehicles are the present. In India we have a decent variety for premium electric four wheelers and two wheelers with brands like Bajaj, Ather, Tata, MG, Hyundai and Mercedes. Apart from this, all brands are working towards making EVs more accessible and providing them in different segments. Now we are expecting the eKUV100 from Mahindra and the Altroz EV from Tata Motors – electric cars which will be decently loaded and priced. But what about a Maruti electric car? The OEM that moves most units, when are they planning to get a EV?

maruti electric car

Maruti’s future business plan

First a little context. Maruti Suzuki India has set itself the goal of selling 2 million cars annually. This goal will mean bringing a lot of new cars and also holding on to market share of almost 50 percent that it currently enjoys. To aid in this effort Japan’s Suzuki has said that they will be bringing 15 new cars in the next 5 years to help Maruti Suzuki reach that target of selling 2 million cars a year. It will also mean that more B segment and C segment cars will be coming, mostly compact cars and mid size SUVs.

Maruti Electric

Currently SMC (Suzuki Motor Corporation) depends on the Indian market with MSIL (Maruti Suzuki India Limited) for its 40 percent of of total worldwide sales. Its predicted that in the coming years that will increase to 60 percent. Right now the Indian arm is Suzuki’s most important global alliance with it’s recent divorce with Volkswagen.

But what about Maruti electric car? Now that you know when the brand stands, let’s get into it.

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Maruti Electric Car – Is it possible?

The current goal for Suzuki globally is to make sure that the brand survives and makes its way past 2025. The brand is globally come into alliance with Toyota and is going to develop hybrid systems for mini, compact and commercial vehicle platforms. Both brands will make a small electric platform and add it to the hybrid vehicle line-up that they will share. They will also use India for development and production of they vehicles.

Maruti Electric

In terms of India specifically, Suzuki and Maruti have a roadmap in mind that will target rural areas and increase digitalization to make sure more customers are reached. The brand is going to make more SUVs a part of its portfolio and make sure these upcoming cars are hybrid combinations. Electric and CNG. Maruti boasts a huge CNG portfolio in India which it is marketing as the green and cheap fuel for the future. There will be upcoming cars will be smart hybrids with electric motors too.

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So a full fledged Maruti electric car as we have been seeing (WagonR EV) and hearing rumors is not something that we will see soon. Suzuki with it’s alliance with Toyota will surely make electric cars but not soon. In the mean time we will see more CNG, Smart Hybrid cars and a portfolio geared towards increasing SUV demands.

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