Maruti’s plans of launching electric cars in the country have been under discussion for quite some time now. Maruti has already mentioned that the brand is waiting for the infrastructure to develop in order to make EV production feasible. However, we expect that the electric avatar of the WagonR will be on the cards for Maruti. In this article, we will discuss the Maruti WagonR EV and what we know about it so far.

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WagonR EV range

The Maruti WagonR stands out from the crowd because of its tall-boy and boxy design. So, we expect the same being carried to the EV as well. The overall design and styling elements are expected to be the same as the regular WagonR. However, Maruti might add coloured accents to the car in order to make it differentiate from its gasoline version.

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Rs 5 Lakh EV

The interior on the EV is expected to remain similar to the regular one. However, Maruti might add some coloured accents on the inside as well to give it an electric car appeal. The EV is expected to offer some extra space due to the absence of a gear knob in order to accommodate refreshments and some electronic devices like mobile phones.

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Charging Time & Range

Electric WagonR

The charging time of the WagonR EV might be somewhere close to 6 hours. If Maruti manages to keep the charging time low, it could seriously undercut the competition as some of them take more than 6 hours to charge. Fast-charging might also be on offer with the EV.

The Maruti WagonR EV is expected to offer a driving range of 250km when fully charged. The lower figures of range in comparison to the competition could be a result of a smaller battery being used in order to increase charging time and lower the costs.

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Features & Pricing

Maruti Electric

On the features front, the Maruti WagonR EV is expected to come with regenerative braking which will help the car add some numbers to its overall range.

The EV from Maruti is expected to be somewhere around Rs 6 Lakh to Rs 8 Lakh price bracket.

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