There are multiple hatchbacks on sale in the country today. From basic hatchbacks to premium hatchbacks, this segment is brimming with options to choose from. However, there are some products which make themselves stand apart from the crowd due to a number of reasons. One of them is the Volkswagen Polo, which still rules the hearts of many. In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons to love the VW Polo.

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Highly customizable

The Volkswagen Polo is one of the very few hatchbacks in the market which can be modified according to the wish and will of the user. With a Polo, the sky is the limit. After-market customisations are available for the headlamps, tail-lamps, wheels, alloys and everything else imaginable on the exterior. The customisations of the Polo are not just limited to the exterior, but further extend to the power systems of the car as well. The Polo can be re-tuned with ECU modifications and exhaust systems, altering power outputs according to the driver’s preference.

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Cool features onboard

Volkwagen Polo 1.0 litre 3

The VW Polo comes with some very cool features. Pressing the unlock button on the key fob directs the car to roll down all windows, making it look cool along with adding functionality to the car. With the automatic window roll down feature, the cabin temperatures can be lowered, in case the car is parked under direct sunlight. Apart from that this car gets one touch up or down for all power windows. Automatic wipers, cruise control, andriod auto/apple carplay and steering with tilt and telescopic adjustment.

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Good handling


The Polo offers great handling and stability, making it a fun-to-drive car. With good handling capabilities on offer, the driver can gain the confidence to cruise and overtake at high speeds, ultimately enjoying travelling in the Volkswagen Polo. Moreover, good handling and stability offer better safety to the overall car as well.

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Good build quality

The Volkswagen brand has been known to offer great build quality with all its products, and the Polo is no different. The Polo offers great build quality, making the passengers feel safe inside the cabin. Moreover, along with good build quality, the Polo also comes with a good fit and finish. Due to this, the cabin looks uniform and premium on the inside.

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The main thing which sets apart the Polo from all its competition is its looks. With a simple design and uniform flow, the Polo does make for a good-looking car. Although enthusiasts love to modify their Polo’s, there are still some who love the Polo for its stock design elements. The design of this car is almost 10 years old but people still love it.

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