The entry-level hatchback segment is very popular in India because of its affordability. Cars like the Maruti Alto have been the best seller in the Indian car market for more than a decade. It is also the bread and butter car for Maruti in India. For first-time car buyers, the Maruti Alto is the perfect small-sized affordable city car. Find out below 5 features we want on the Maruti Alto.

Maruti Alto vs Maruti S-Presso Spec Comparison

Alloy Wheels

2019 Maruti XL6 alloy wheels


People buying a car in this segment do no demand anything spectacular but alloy wheels can be a good inclusion in the  Alto. Even the top variant of the Maruti Alto which costs Rs. 5.07 lakh does not come with alloy wheels. Other cars in this segment like the Renault Kwid provide this feature. The Maruti Alto is also quite small in height compared to the Renault Kwid which has better ground clearance.

AMT gearbox

Automatic transmissions are slowly getting popular in India. With many new drivers entering the scene, automatic transmission is a great option for many first time drivers. The Maruti Alto sadly comes only with a 5-speed manual transmission. Maruti launched AGS with the Celerio and can include the same with Alto if needed. Renault Kwid on the other hand does have an automatic transmission option.

Alto AMT – Should it be back?

CNG option on Top variants

5 features we want on the Maruti Alto

The increasing fuel prices have made the lives of common people tougher. Maruti Alto is preferred by buyers who are budget conscious. Thus lower variants with CNG makes sense. However top variants should also get the option to opt for CNG. CNG is a green fuel for everyone and should not be restricted to lower variants only. Many environment-friendly people will be ready to buy the top variant of the Maruti Alto along with the CNG fuel option. More about 5 features we want on the Maruti Alto below.

Steering mounted audio controls

5 features we want on the Maruti Alto

The touchscreen infotainment system is a great feature on the ongoing Maruti Alto. However, it seems incomplete without steering mounted controls. While sales are never low for the Alto, Maruti should provide this feature for better customer satisfaction. Steering mounted controls also indirectly prevent distraction from controlling the touchscreen during driving. As a result, it can also be a makeshift safety feature.

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