No one like fine except the one who collects them. However, law and order is very important to maintain for the wellbeing of a nation and its citizen. Drastic changes were made recently to the traffic fines in India recently. While the per capita income has only fallen down in recent times, higher traffic fines pose a threat to a developing country like India. Moreover developed countries too don’t give free rein to their citizens. Find out below about the highest traffic fines in the world.


Highest traffic fines in the world for 2021

If your per capita income is one of the highest in the world, expect to pay premium traffic fines too. The Singapore traffic fines can be a nightmare for Indian people. A signal violation will set you back by Rs. 25,877. Over speeding will set you back by Rs. 7,736 while driving without insurance will set you back by Rs. 51,754. Drunk driving is a major crime and Singapore charges Rs. 2,58,711 as fine. Driving without a license is also highly prohibited with fines up to Rs. 5,17,543.

United Kingdom

Highest traffic fines in the world for 2021

The United Kingdom is known for its spectacular roads and great scenery. However, traffic fines are one of the highest here. Signal violations and over speeding here cost Rs. 8,677 while driving without insurance costs Rs. 26,031. Major fines include drunk driving which costs Rs. 2,16,929 and driving without license which costs Rs. 8,66,71. More about Highest traffic fines in the world for 2021 below.


Flag of Japan - Colours, Meaning, History 🇯🇵

Japan is a major automotive centre of the world.  The Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift shows the best of the Japan automotive scene. But traffic fines are still high in the automotive favorite country.  Signal violation in Japan is fined Rs. 6,094 while over speeding is fined Rs. 23,699.  Drunk Driving in all the countries is a major crime with high fine and in Japan is fined Rs.  6,77,115. Driving without a license in Japan also costs Rs. 2,03,134.


Flag of India - Wikipedia

We cannot complete our list without including our own country. Recent changes to the traffic laws and fines have also made India enter this list. While the income of all the people in India may not have increase equally, traffic fine is the same for all.  Signal violation and driving without a license is fined Rs. 5,000. Over speeding and driving without a license will set you back by Rs. 2,000 each. Drunk Driving in India is also prohibited and has a maximum fine of Rs. 10,000.

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