Technology is day by day evolving worldwide. Many features like the connected car technology are available in many cars. All this is possible due to affordable tech companies. The electric vehicle segment is also on the boom and different mobile manufacturers are trying their luck on it. As companies have good experience with batteries and phone technology, and modern-day cars are becoming more tech-savvy, the competition is only increasing. Find out below about the upcoming car from mobile company.

Upcoming electric scooters in India 2021

More about Company and Car

Xiaomi needs no introduction. A company which started only with 8 employees has become the best selling mobile manufacturer in many countries around the world. Xiaomi focused on providing affordable products by keeping their profits from hardware low.

Upcoming car from mobile company

According to sources, Xiaomi is planning to launch a car in the international market soon. This new project will be headed by Lei Jun, who is the CEO and founder of Xiaomi. Although nothing is fully sure yet, the company is planning to bring something drastic yet affordable in the automotive industry. More about Upcoming car from mobile company below.

Inspiration from Tesla

Upcoming car from mobile company

Back in 2013, Lei Jun had visited the US twice to meet with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and now it appears to be that Xiaomi’s interest in the field has developed. Sources suggest that the enhancement shows up as the cell phone market faces stagnation.

Upcoming car from mobile company

Besides, the electric mobility market has been seeing an increase in popularity. Along these lines, it will not show up as a total astonishment if Xiaomi intends to grow its essence into an undiscovered market, particularly with respects to its impressive innovative workgroup and ability in electronic equipment.

Upcoming EV launches in 2021 in India

Many new electric vehicles are slated for launch in India. The entry of Tesla in India is also imminent. The Tata Nexon EV is currently the cheapest electric vehicle which is manufactured locally by Tata. Upcoming releases like Mahindra eKUV100 will only make the competition tougher.

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