Maruti Suzuki India has its line-up filled with hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs, which are selling in great numbers. However, what Maruti Suzuki still misses is an off-roader for the country. We hear Maruti is now evaluating an off-roader that is already on sale in the foreign markets, the Jimny. In this article, we will discuss this upcoming Maruti Rs 12 Lakh off-roader.

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The Maruti Jimny has been touted as the modern Gypsy, from which it looks to take every possible inspiration. The round headlights, spare wheel attached to the rear and horizontal tail-lamps placed on the bumper remind of the iconic off-roader. Maruti Suzuki has taken the similarities further with the square quarter-glass on the Jimny, which resembles the square-shaped slider window which Gypsy had.

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We are not sure if the 3-door version, which the foreign markets get, will be made available here or not. But Maruti Suzuki could bring in a 5-door version, which makes more sense for the Indian customers’ requirements.


Maruti offroader SmartPLAY jimny

Regarding features, the Jimny is expected to get a multi-function steering wheel, a touchscreen infotainment system, ABS with EBD, ESP, seatbelt reminder, speed-sensitive door-locks and dual airbags. The Jimny is expected to be a rear-wheel drive, if not a 4WD.

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2020 Maruti K15-petrol-Engine

The engine on the Jimny is expected to be the same 1.5-litre K15 Petrol engine which cars like the Ertiga, Ciaz and some other sport. The power figures are expected to be increased by some margin for the petrol engine since the Jimny is an off-roading focused product. The original Gypsy was petrol-powered; Jimny is also offered with a petrol engine only abroad, so, we are not sure if Maruti would bring a diesel engine for the Jimny.

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Maruti offroader Jimny AllGrip

Maruti started exporting the Jimny to foreign countries sometime back, so we expect to see the one for India coming sometime this year. The pricing is expected to be somewhere around Rs 12 Lakh to make the Jimny an affordable, proper off-roader available in the country.

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