Maruti Suzuki Swift was one of the very first hot hatchbacks in the country. Even to this date, Swift remains the country’s favourite hatchback with Swift becoming the most sold car in the country last year. Although multiple hatchbacks are present in the market today, Swift does not lose its charm. However, there are few things which Swift still misses which would make it a much better product. In this article, we will discuss 5 missing features of the Maruti Swift.

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Wireless Charging

New Volkswagen Polo 2017 wireless charging

The Swift, even though being a value-for-money product misses the wireless charging feature. Today, most of its rivals offer this feature which becomes a negative point for the Swift. With wireless charging on offer, it becomes very convenient for the passengers to charge their devices without having to worry about carrying cables.

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Maruti Swift

The Maruti Suzuki Swift does not offer a sunroof which most of its rivals offer. A sunroof in the vehicle has become a very crucial point for multiple buyers, with some buyers rejecting products just because of this feature. The sunroof gives a product a very upmarket feel along with carrying functional benefits.

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Diesel engine


The Swift, although carries a very efficient and powerful petrol engine, misses a diesel engine which could add more value to it. With the diesel engine, the Swift would be able to produce more torque, making it more fun to drive. Moreover, the diesel engine would directly increase the fuel efficiency of the Swift as well.

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Cooled Glove Box

Tata Nexon glovebox

A cooled glove box is a feature which most brands add to their products. Maruti Suzuki, however, does not offer this feature with the Swift. Adding a cooled glove box allows the passengers to carry pre-cooled refreshments, without having to worry about the refreshments becoming warm.

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Cruise Control

Tata Hexa cruise control

The Swift heavily misses cruise control which the rivals do offer. Adding cruise control makes driving very convenient. Cruise control allows the driver to rest his legs with the car maintaining the set speed. With the driver not having to work much, the overall travelling experience becomes less tiring.

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