The compact SUV segment is the hottest segment in the country currently. With products like Tata Nexon, Nissan Magnite and Mahindra XUV300 here, the competition has become tough. This segment also has two direct competitors, the Hyundai Venue and the Kia Sonet, and in this article, we will discuss the reasons why a prospective buyer should choose the Venue over the Sonet. Let’s go.

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Venue vs Sonet Space

Venue vs Sonet Hyundai venue facelift 2020

The Kia Sonet, although being a bigger vehicle in terms of dimensions lacks space inside the cabin. Three passengers find it difficult to fit inside the Sonet’s 2nd-row. The Hyundai Venue, however, provides ample space for passengers in the 2nd-row. The Sonet uses most of its extra dimensions in providing a bigger boot space.

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Hyundai Network

Hyundai Motors has established itself as a reliable brand in the Indian market since its debut in the country. After so many years of operation in the country, the service network is spread across the nation with customers not finding it difficult to locate a centre to service their cars. Kia Motors, which debuted a few years back does not have a deep service channel in the country, as of now.

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Venue vs Sonet Pricing

Venue vs Sonet kia sonet

The Hyundai Venue starts at an on-road price (Mumbai) of Rs 8.10 Lakhs, whereas, the Kia Sonet starts at an on-road price (Mumbai) of Rs 7.89 Lakhs. However, the Hyundai Venue offers its top-model at an on-road price (Mumbai) of Rs 14.02 Lakhs, whereas the Kia Sonet top-model comes at Rs 15.69 Lakhs on-road price (Mumbai). The huge price difference in the top-models does make a difference for many customers.

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Engine & Transmission Option

The Kia Sonet is offered with the option of a turbo-petrol mated to an iMT gearbox as well as a 7-speed DCT automatic gearbox. The Hyundai Venue is also offered with these two options, however, the Venue gets an option of a manual gearbox as well with the turbo-petrol, which directly affects the pricing of the Venue.

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