The premium SUV segment has been ruled by the Toyota Fortuner for quite some time now. Cars like Ford Endeavour, Mahindra Alturas G4 and MG Gloster have tried competing but were not very successful. Fortuner as a brand name has become famous like Swift or Dzire in India. The Fortuner brand name alone pulls in 50% of customers. Toyota using the Kaizen principle also develops strong and sturdy cars for India as well as the international market. Fortuner is also a high selling SUV in the overseas market. Find out below about the reasons for the Toyota Fortuner popularity.

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1) Design and Looks

The outside plan and looks have been a solid purpose of the Toyota Fortuner since an extremely prolonged stretch of time. The Toyota Fortuner looks intense, forceful and grand all simultaneously. There could be no other SUV with similar overwhelming looks. 18-inch tires likewise make the vehicle look the Boss! The insides of the vehicle are amazing as well. Toyota Fortuner additionally is the solitary genuine 7-seater SUV in its segment. It is also the preferred choice for businessmen, politician and actors for its impressive road presence.

2) Maintenance

Toyota fortuner

This is one of the fundamental reasons why Toyota vehicles perform so well in India. Toyota is likewise known for its long guarantee/warranty periods. Even after the warranty, genuine parts accessibility isn’t an issue with the Toyota Fortuner. The vehicle requires a normal support cost of around Rs.10, 000 every year. It is meagre for a vehicle of its size. This SUV needn’t bother with any unique consideration and has been made to keep going for a long time. Despite its large size, it is quite affordable to maintain. More about Reasons for the Toyota Fortuner Popularity below.

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3) Re-Sale Value

Fortuner legender vs gloster


The depreciation curve of the Toyota Fortuner is truly extraordinary. Qualities of the materials are likewise amazing. 4X4 capacity, ladder on frame chassis, AMT gearbox and decent safety features give it a great re-sale value. 9-year old Toyota Fortuner’s which have done above 1,00,000km actually cost Rs.15 lakh. It is truly great for an SUV in its segment. The unwavering quality of Toyota is additionally the strong point for this SUV in the segment.

More about the Toyota Fortuner

The current generation Toyota Fortuner costs between Rs. 35.70 lakh and Rs. 45.34 lakh (On-road Mumbai). It is available in both 4×2 and 4×4 variants. The 2.8-litre 2755cc Diesel engine produces 201bhp and 420Nm of torque. The 2.7-litre 2694cc Petrol engine produces 163bhp and 245Nm of torque. Both manual and automatic transmission is present with the SUV.

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