Maruti Suzuki has been a brand which has always been lauded for its reliable products. With successful nameplates like the Alto under its name, Maruti has always lead the Indian car market. Maruti Suzuki also topped the sales charts multiple times with its Vitara Brezza. In this article, we will discuss why Vitara Brezza is the best-selling compact SUV.

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Low-cost maintenance


The products from the Maruti Suzuki badge are known to be reliable. With parts readily and cheaply available, Maruti products are really easy to maintain as well. The Vitara Brezza is no different. Since the parts are locally made, the price of the parts is low, hence, the overall maintenance cost comes down to be less in comparison to the competition.

Engine Refinement

brezza engines

The Vitara Brezza is powered by a 1.5-litre K15 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine which produces 103bhp and 138Nm of torque. With the Vitara Brezza possessing a tried and tested naturally-aspirated engine combined with mild-hybrid technology, the end result is a refined engine with low noise levels, better performance and great fuel efficiency. Moreover, naturally aspirated engines are easier to maintain in comparison to turbo-charged engines, again making the Vitara Brezza a good product to consider for most buyers.

Maruti Network


The Maruti Suzuki network across the country has been one of the major points for customers opting for products from the brand. With parts easily available and service centres spread across the nation, the customer does not have to worry if the car needs servicing or breaks down by any chance.

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Resale Value

True Value

Maruti Suzuki cars are widely known for their good resale value. The main reason behind this is again the trust in Maruti Suzuki which has been deeply embedded in Indian customers. The great network of the brand results in people buying used Maruti cars as well without having to worry much. Maruti Suzuki’s used-car department, True Value offers used Maruti cars with a warranty as well as free services, developing a sense of trust in customers.

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Features & Safety

The Vitara Brezza offers multiple features which help it give an equal fight to the competition and be at par with them. The Vitara Brezza comes loaded with features like dual airbags, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors and camera, engine immobilizer, side-impact protection beam, auto-dimming IRVM, multi-function steering wheel, cruise control and push start-stop button to name some. The Vitara Brezza also boasts of 4-star GNCAP safety rating, making it a safe vehicle to be in.

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