With the world turning towards EVs at a very rapid pace, automobile makers have also started executing their EV plans. Some brands have taken the EV concept to another level by making EVs that are serious off-roaders. In this article, we will discuss some electric off-roaders that are coming soon in the global markets.

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Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Motors is a brand which has established itself as a serious electric car manufacturer, and it is evident as Tesla has taken the top position in the world’s most valuable list companies. Tesla had gotten into new territory two years ago, by introducing an electric off-roader which the brand called the Cybertruck. The Cybertruck turned heads with its odd, though futuristic design.

The Cybertruck is based on an Ultra-hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel structure giving it a solid body providing safety to the passengers on the inside. The Cybertruck will be offered with autopilot and adaptive air suspension as standard with a minimum towing capacity of 3400kg. The Cybertruck will also be able to do 0-96kmph in less than 2.9 seconds with the tri-motor AWD model.

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Hummer EV


Hummer, a nameplate which got left behind a decade ago due to poor sales is now coming back in a completely new electric avatar. The GMC is bringing the Hummer EV, which has got Hummer fans excited. The new Hummer is expected to be based on the GM’s BT1 Platform, which is another variant of the GM T1 platform which is a body-on-frame platform. The Hummer EV will be a serious off-roader with revolutionary features like underbody cameras, all-wheel steering, diagonal-driving capabilities and dynamic suspensions.

The Hummer EV will be able to produce 1000bhp and will be able to do 0-96kmph in around 3 seconds. With modern features and a sharp look, the Hummer EV will come to stay.

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Rivian R1T & R1S

Rivian R1T

The Rivian is an American brand which is backed by Jeff Bezos’ Amazon. Rivian is planning to bring two electric off-roaders in the market in the coming years, viz. Rivian R1T and the R1S. Where R1T is an electric truck, the R1S stands as an electric SUV. Both these cars have quad-motor drive, hydraulic roll control and independent air suspensions as standard. Both these cars can do 0-96kmph in 3 seconds with R1T capable of towing up to 5000kgs and R1S capable of towing 3500kgs.

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Both the products will come 4G and WiFi connectivity, Alexa voice-commands and wireless charging on the interior. The vehicles also get an all-glass panoramic sunroof.

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ZeroLabs is a brand which resurrects vintage off-roaders viz. 1st-gen Ford Broncos and Series 3 Land Rovers by making turning them into electric cars. ZeroLabs follows a unique concept with these vintages. The products from ZeroLabs are based on a Performance Platform. The battery pack is offered in two options, with one being an 85kWH battery and the other being a 100kWh pack.

The vehicles can produce power ranging from 300bhp to 600bhp. ZeroLabs has also claimed that they now have the capability of turning any classic car into electric irrespective of it being a pickup or a muscle. Moreover, ZeroLabs’ products are bespoke rebuilds meaning the cars will be custom build according to the customers’ demands and preferences.

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