The cars from Tesla have been a symbol of smart engineering mixed with modern features to give the passengers a feel of the future every time they sit in a Tesla. The Tesla Model X is the brand’s electric SUV which comes with modern features which make this car a very attractive product. In this article, we will discuss 5 cool yet exceptional features of the Tesla Model X.

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Automatic Doors

The Model X has one feature which along with being convenient looks very cool. The doors on the Tesla Model X open automatically if you carry the key fob while going near the vehicle. This looks very cool. It seems as if the car is welcoming the passenger. Again, to close the door, the passenger would not need to close the door physically. All that the passenger needs to do is press the brake and the Model X will close the door automatically.

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Wireless Gaming

The Model X, which will be arriving later this year, will come with gaming capabilities which could easily rival the latest-gen professional gaming consoles, the Xbox and the PS5. A passenger can play high-end games like the Witcher 3 on the very beautiful, high-resolution 17-inch cinematic display which comes with wireless controller compatibility. A display is also given on the back seat for the passengers’ comfort.

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Wide Windshield

Tesla Model X Windscreen

The windshield on the Tesla Model X extends all the way up to the sunroof which looks exceptionally phenomenal. The passengers sitting in the last row can also enjoy the scenic view from behind. Moreover, this special element gives the cabin an airy feeling, preventing passengers from feeling nauseous while travelling inside the big SUV.

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Summon your car

Tesla Model X Summon

The Model X also gets another feature which is very convenient. The user can summon their Model X from tight spaces without having to enter the car. The summon feature can also be used to call your car to your location without having anyone control the car. This can be done from a range of up to 60m from the car.

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Bioweapon Defence Mode

Tesla Model X Exceptional Features Bio Hazard Mode

Model X comes with a very advanced air-purification system. The air is purified to an extent similar to what is done in places like hospitals or labs. This is achieved using a High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filter. Using this particular feature, the passengers can literally go through an area with the worst of air-qualities, without having to worry a bit.

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