The Ford Freestyle is a product which has a lot to attract potential customers. With hatchback segment being a hot market in the country, Ford Freestyle ticks many boxes for those looking for a fun-to-drive car. In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons to consider the Ford Freestyle as your next car.

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Powerful Engine

EcoSport Engine

The diesel engine on the Freestyle is the same as that offered with the EcoSport. With a 1.5-litre diesel engine producing 99bhp, the Freestyle becomes a really fun-to-drive car, considering a 200kg weight reduction compared to the EcoSport. With the lighter weight and more power on offer, the Freestyle is a vehicle which can impress car-enthusiasts.

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High Headroom


The Ford Freestyle offers better headroom compared to its younger sibling, the Figo. With an overall better cabin space, the comfort level on the Freestyle increases, making for a comfortable ride on smooth roads as well as some bad patches along with making the cabin feel roomy.

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High Ground Clearance

Ford Freestyle Rear Three Quarter

The Ford Freestyle stands higher from the ground compared to the Figo. With higher ground clearance, the Freestyle can easily go over regular rough roads without having the driver worry about scraping the underbelly of the car. The higher ground clearance also gives the Freestyle a higher stance, making it look bigger than the Figo.

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6 airbags

Ford Freestyle Airbags

The Ford Freestyle along with style and power also offers safety. The Freestyle has 6 airbags, giving the driver a sense of confidence while cruising at high speeds.  The car gets two front airbags along with curtain airbags, protecting not just the front passengers but also the passengers present at the rear seat.

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Connected Car Tech

Ford Freestyle FordPass

The Freestyle also gets Ford’s Connected Car Tech, the FordPass. With the FordPass on offer, the driver can connect with Freestyle and access features like remote start-stop, remote lock-unlock, vehicle health alerts, vehicle locator, tyre pressure monitor and other such useful features. FordPass along with providing convenience also provides safety.

The Ford Freestyle is a product which can cater to all those customers who prioritize safety, comfort and great driving feel.

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