The Honda City has been ruling the sedan-segment by making its way in the top league from decades. The current City, which is the 5th-generation of this product comes with many features which makes this classic nameplate modern on a whole another level. In this article, we will discuss 5 features of the new Honda City which make this car truly modern.

Full LED Headlamps

The Honda City which was, in its previous generation, offered with premium Dual barrel headlamps with integrated LED DRL, now comes with Full-LED Headlamps with 9 LED Array on the top-spec. The new sleek LED Array on the Honda City makes it a much premium looking car, even more than what it looked with the previous generation.

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Remote Engine Start

Remote Ignition new Honda City

The new City now offers remote engine start which was not offered until now. This feature adds convenience to the usage of the product overall. The remote engine feature helps in starting the ignition and preconditioning the cabin by making the cabin cool on hot days and warm on cold days.

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The new City comes with 1st-in-segment G-Force meter which calculates the forces while cornering, accelerating or braking. Keeping an eye on the G-Meter will make the driver feel the rush of the drive. This feature makes the City a more funky and tech-savvy place to be in.

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New Honda City Lane-Watch Camera

5th-Gen Honda City Infotainment2

Adding a Lane-Watch Camera to the Honda City makes it a very user-friendly product which directly adds more safety to the vehicle, overall. Honda, on its new City provides a screen near the driver to show the rearview, which helps the driver switch lanes without having to take his eyes off the road. This makes the driver remain focused on the road without losing his concentration.

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Connected Car Tech with Alexa

Honda City

The new City gets industry-first voice-enabled remote capability with Alexa, Amazon’s very own assistant. With the Alexa-enabled cabin, controlling multiple features like setting temperature, changing media within the cabin becomes very easy.

Honda’s connected car tech, the Honda Connect comes with 32 features, again making the new Honda City a very convenient product. The Honda Connect is also paired with Alexa. Now, connected car features like finding your car can be enabled with voice-commands.

The car has been a great product for all these years and Honda has again proven its metal with the new Honda City.

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