The Royal Enfield name tag has become quite popular and common in India.  Royal Enfield bikes signify royalty and have become a status symbol just like an iPhone. Though you might not need it, it always is a dream to own one. Royal Enfield bikes also sell in large numbers because their product it self is a brand. Here are 5 Reasons Why you should buy the Royal Enfield Himalayan


The Himalayan is a genuine off-roader still does not compromise on comfort. Royal Enfield has done a great job in the comfort aspect of this bike. The bike performs quite similarly in terms of comfort during city rides, highways run and hardcore off-road. The seats being of low height also are a great feature for a little short people.

Ease of Riding

Turbocharged RE Himalayan

Compared to the BS4 avatar, the new BS6 Royal Enfield Himalayan is 5kgs heavier. However, the bike is still as easy to ride as it was before. Royal Enfield has worked well on their formula of riding dynamics and has perfected over the years.  because of the low seat height controlling the bike is also not a hassle, whether it be highways or off-road.

Royal Enfield Door-Step Service on Bike

Brand Value

Royal Enfield is one of the most famous bike brands present in India as of now. Trust and Quality have been associated with this company since long and the Himalayan is no different. The main benefit of buying a Royal Enfield bike is its easy maintenance and better price in the used market.  Judging by the previous track records, Royal Enfield bikes have carved their own path and will never go out of fashion.

Easy Service

5 Reasons to buy Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield recently launched “Service on Wheels” and it has made the whole procedure of service easier.  Royal Enfield bikes generally are also easier to maintain and do not require any special care. The Himalayan itself is a tough built off-roader and will provide service to you for years to come. Royal Enfield against its competition is quite better as the spare parts are easily available even in small cities.

Build Quality

5 Reasons to buy Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a rock-solid bike made after keeping off-roaders in mind. The upright beak, bash plate, grille protection and many other pieces of equipment add a tough look to the bike.  Starting from the footpegs right up to upright handlebars, the bike is sturdily built and promises to never suffer-normal breakdowns.

The issues with the cone set have been resolved in the BS6 Royal Enfield and the bike is ready to take any bashing!

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