Maruti for a long time has been planning to introduce its EV line-up with the WagonR. But recently, many platforms made claims of Maruti scrapping the plan and not introducing the WagonR EV. On the contrary, we are sceptical that Maruti would scrap an important plan just like this because Maruti has said in the past that the company will work on EVs once the infrastructure is ready for the vehicles. Here we discuss what we expect in the upcoming  Maruti Rs 7 Lakh electric car.

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Charging Time

WagonR EV

The charging time of the WagonR EV might be somewhere around 6 hours as some of the current EV competitors in the market take more than 6 hours to charge on AC. This move could give the brand an upper hand from its competition. Moreover, Maruti might bring the option of fast-charging as well, like its competition, the Nexon EV which takes around an hour to charge through the Tata Power Fast Charging stations.

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Electric WagonR

The range of the WagonR EV might be somewhere around the 250km bracket on a full charge. The lead in charging time could affect the range numbers. The current range numbers in the country start from 312km by the Nexon EV up to 430km by the Mercedes-Benz EqC.

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WagonR EV range

The EV might be offered with regenerative braking as standard so that it could gain some extra range numbers to stay relevant to the competition. Some other features like Connected Car Technology and Wireless Charging might also be on offer.

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Maruti Electric

The styling of the WagonR EV is not expected to change with exteriors remaining the same, except for some body- graphics if the company decides to offer them to make the EV stand out. On the interior front, the styling is also expected to remain the same with just some extra space in the centre console where the gear-knob was placed.

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When Maruti decides to finally roll out the WagonR EV, it will change the segment standards with this Rs 7 Lakh electric car, which is what Maruti usually does. We will keep updating what we get to know regarding Maruti’s plans about their EV.

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