Ducati has gotten off to a blockbuster start at the EICMA show, announcing a host of models for the 2016 line up. Among these was the Italian marque’s smallest motorcycle yet, the 399cc Scrambler Sixty2. A scaled down version of Ducati’s highly successful Scrambler from last year, the Sixty2 is aimed at emerging markets and beginner riders, introducing newer buyers to the marquee brand.

The Sixty2 engine is air-cooled and features a 72mm bore and a 49mm stroke. Ducati have retained their signature L-Twin architecture on the Scrambler Sixty2. The motorcycle deploys a wet-clutch system and is cable-operated. The motorcycle has six gears and is chain-driven. The 399cc Sixty2 halves the regular Scrambler’s 803cc displacement via a 72mm bore and 49mm stroke (compared to 88 x 66mm architecture of the larger bike). The air-cooled Sixty2 retains Ducati’s signature L-Twin configuration. A wet, cable-actuated clutch, six-speed gearbox and chain final drive feed power to the rear wheel. The 399cc L-Twin engine generates 41 bhp and 25 Nm torque which is about a 50% reduction on the larger engined sibling, and in keeping with the reduced displacement.

Ducati have used a steel trellis frame on the Sixty2 but the 41mm Showa forks at the front are the regular, non-inverted type (unlike those on the elder sibling). Rear damping duties is taken care of by a Kayaba unit that’s adjustable for preload. The 150mm wheel travel is the same on both motorcycles, with the rake and trail too being shared. The wheelbase on the smaller capacity Scrambler is marginally longer at 57.5 inches in total (56.9 inches on the regular Scrambler). In the braking department, Ducati have given the smaller engined Sixty2 a twin-piston, floating calliper setup, with a 320mm rotor at the front. The rear braking department hardware is shared between the two siblings and features a single piston, 245mm rotor. Twin-channel ABS by Bosch is standard on the Scrambler Sixty2.

Ducati is expected to charge a premium for the Scrambler Sixty2 in keeping with its market positioning and it will be interesting to see what sticker price it finally sports when it lands up on Indian shores. Till then, enjoy the snaps and start saving!


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