Royal Enfield has been testing a lot of motorcycles lately and the least known of them is the RE 650 cruiser. The shape now can be recognized as the Meteor but the twin exhaust confirms one thing, “This is a 650”. So what could this RE 650 Cruiser add to the existing Meteor package? When will it hit the Market? Here is our expectation about the RE 650 Cruiser.

650 Revised Engine

RE 650

The Meteor Chassis has been a very big leap for Royal Enfield. Similarly, the 650 engine was a big breakthrough for the company. Put them together in a package could result in a bike that RE fans have been expecting for a long time.

As an engine the 650cc parallel twin with the 270-degree crankshaft fires like a V-twin and produce a deep rumble. The 270-degree crank also results in a power production that makes torque lower down. The engine is a low revving engine and does not have liquid cooling.

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Added function to Tripper

Royal Enfield Meteor Price

The tripper function is currently in a very primitive stage. It is expected to get more added features like Music control and Call Notification display. The Tripper might also improve in term of reverse connectivity which will allow the user to check bike stats through their mobile phone.

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USD forks


The one new thing that has been spotted for the first time on a RE motorcycle is the USD forks. These might be provided for added comfort and stability. The dynamics of the USD forks are a bit different and they offer much stable configuration over the telescopic forks.

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Split Seats

Thes seats on the Cruiser 650 will also see a slight change. As the bike will be placed at the higher price range it is expected for Royal Enfield to use premium material and put some research in the way these seats are designed.

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Bigger oil cooler


The bigger oil cooler has been placed on the frame at the front. A bigger radiator might keep the bike cooler for longer runs. Being a 650cc it is bound to get hot while in traffic and an oil cooler will keep the heat managed for quite some extent.


Shorter Handlebar

RE 650 Cruiser

For a cruiser, the handlebar seen on this bike is a bit shorter and they offer a sporty look. Also, the footpegs will be forward set. The handlebar gets the new rotary switchgear.

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As far as the launch of this bike is concerned, the RE 650 Cruiser has no confirmed launch date. Once Royal Enfield unveils the bike it will give us a better idea of price and the launch date. Join our WhatsApp Alert list by sending a Hi @ 7738660455. For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane Youtube, Google NEWS, Facebook and Twitter. We also have a car consultancy service and also help you get insurance.


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  • This motorbike took a long time arrive! Now the petrol is making century and people are looking at electric as future and RE plans to launch this. This bike is more than 20 years due, right after lightning 535.

    Anyway, I hope RE ensures that their service quality is upto the mark as they are notorious for poor service, even in the prime locations. This bike looks good but they need to make it a bit more choppy on the handlebars or that laid back look. Still nothing short of pleasant surprise as I had lost hope that RE would ever delve in this zone.

    There are some very cool fan generated designs online, hope this bike comes in models like roadster and touring.

    I also hope they make this bike at least 1500mm and 250kg so that heavy riders (like myself) feel safe riding it at high speed. Braking from RE is notorious but 650 twins have better hardware on them, so hopefully the same quality will ensue.

    All in all, late but better late than never.