Hyundai Creta has been around for quite a while. This SUV with its value for money offering undercuts vehicles in the segment above. So now Hyundai is planning to expand this further by introducing a 7 seater in the market. We are expecting Hyundai to call this the Creta 7 seater to market it under the already established Creta name. We have come across new spy shots of the vehicle which revealed some new details of the upcoming 7 seater.

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New Spy Shots

Creta 7 seater

From the Spy shots acquired, we could confirm 3 things on the upcoming Hyundai 7 seater. It will have a twin exhaust setup. Now we see this twin exhaust setup on the Hyundai turbo and the Hyundai Tucson. This is a twin tip exhaust and it hints towards the sports variant of the vehicle.  New engines on the Hyundai Creta 7 seater are very unlikely and we are expecting the same powertrains and gearboxes on the Creta 7 seater.

Upcoming Creta 7 seater

As the vehicle does not change much, Hyundai has decided to make changes to the interchangeable parts. Alloy wheel design has been changed. But the size remains to be same. Bigger wheels would offer better ride and handling but would also increase the cost. Hyundai is a manufacturer who offers value for money will not want to increase the cost for slight benefit.

Creta big

New light setup can be seen at the rear. The LED tail lamps continue even on the Creta 7 seater and they add to the looks of the car. As the spy shots that we have acquired are during the day we can not show you how the tail lamps look and glow up.

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How a 7 Seater?

There are 2 ways manufaturers could make an exsisting 5 seater platform in 7 seater. The could either increase the wheel base or increase the overhang. As increasing the wheelbase is a much complex process adding to the overhang might be the right option. As you can seen from the spyshots, the overhang clearly seems to be increased.

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Increasing the over hang makes space for the rear seat. So the seating comfort might be better. Also, it is seen that with the new i20 Hyundai has increased the headroom by offering a raised roof for the rear passengers. This is expected to be done on the upcoming Creta 7 seater which will allow them to place the rear seats a bit higher offering good knee room and headroom.

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Other Expectations

Being a 7 seater this will have some extra load to tug so the engine tune is expected to be better. Also, the gearbox technology on the automatic is expected to improve drastically. We are expecting an iMT on the Creta 7 seater which might be the cheapest two peddle option.

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The interior colours are to be changed to give this car a distinct look. Hyundai might also work on the suspension a bit to give the Creta 7 seater a better ride in the corners. Now the product is testing stages and more updates are expected soon.

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