With the rise of connected car tech, cars have become smarter and more convenient to use. Recently Tata had shown us the glimpse of their connected cars tech on the all-new Altroz i-Turbo. Here is a complete detailed explanation of all the features that the iRA offers to the user. Also, there are 2 features at last which make the Tata iRA Connected Cars experience very different from the others that are there in the market.

iRA Connected Car Tech functions can be classified into 5 main categories. The remote control, vehicle security, gamification, live diagnosis and location-based services are the main categories on which the Tata iRA app allows the user to control a lot of thing on the connected Tata vehicle.

Remote control

IRA connected Cars

Remote control features are something that you can usually do using the key – Lock unlock, lights and horn can be controlled using the app. Distance to Empty feature will help you plan your petrol stops better. This comes really handy during morning work rush and keeps you informed if you need to fuel up before going to work.

Vehicle Security

Emergency SMS works only during some mishap with the vehicle. In case of an accident, it will send a message to the people who you have set as your emergency contacts in the Tata iRA app. Under the Emergency SMS, iRA also informs the nearest RSA and provides an alert to Tata call centre so that they can be ready and provide assistance.

IRA connected Cars

If any burglar tries to enter your car then there is an intrusion alert which triggers and sends an alert to your phone. In case you are late then you can track and remotely immobilise your car. The car won’t start next time anyone tries to start it. This process has a number of verification stages as the command goes through Tata call verification. So there is no fear of someone playing a prank on you by immobilizing your own car.

iRA takes the find my car features to the next level. In a usual scenario, if you have forgotten where you have parked the car then you would use the remote to honk it, however, the key remote has a smaller range. Instead with iRA you can use the find my car feature to directly get the location on your phone.

SOS/ Panic Mode

God forbid but there could be a situation where you might need someone’s help while travelling alone in a car. This is when the SOS or panic mode helps. The emergency contacts are informed once the SOS button is clicked. This also can be triggered using the car key by pressing the lock-unlock button at the same time.


iRA also enables you to share your driving dynamics with other people. Under the Gamification category, you get “Social Tribes” which are like groups of other Tata iRA users. The App also makes it easy to keep a tab on your acceleration and braking behaviour and gets scores and tips to improve it. The Acceleration and Braking score and a few other details about your driving data collected from the car itself result in your driving score.

IRA connected Cars

The iRA app also gives you a summary of your trip. All these things that you get via the iRA app are useful and you don’t need to spend time during driving noting down these things. Also sharing them with others makes it sort of like a challenge to improve your driving in a positive way.

Live Diagnosis

The live diagnosis saves you a useless trip to a mechanic. It alerts you about the specific system which has a problem rather than just showing a single-engine light. The diagnosis tells exactly which system has the issue and fixes it. This way you can decide what to get serviced and also save getting duped by mechanics. You can perform daily checks and save major damage to the car.

IRA connected Cars

You can set speed alert for your driver. iRA also offers idle alerts in case the driver is enjoying the car’s AC whilst it’s parked.

Location-Based Technology

As the car has a sim card it has location GPS based services so you can track it. Setting geo-fencing alerts you that the car has gone beyond a certain set distance without you having to check repeatedly. It also has the flexibility of setting time-based geo-fencing.

IRA connected Cars

You can share your location directly from the app. The valet mode allows you to set a range to get the car parked. In the app you can locate the closest RSA and service station.

IRA connected Cars

Natural Voice Tech is a good feature which makes the iRA app non-robotic to use and also it supports Hinglish words. What3Words is a simplified address providing system which is a part of the connected car’s app.

This is what you get under the Tata iRA connected cars experience. Join our WhatsApp Alert list by sending a Hi @ 7738660455. For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane Youtube, Google NEWS, Facebook and Twitter. We also have a car consultancy service and also help you get insurance.


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  • Can IRA be installed separately in Nexon XZ Plus model. I took an XZ plus and want to have upgraded IRA features from tata. I am still waiting for car delivery and want to take it in first go.