The Renault Triber when announced and launched in the Indian car market created much hype. It promised to be the most affordable seven-seater in India. The Nissan Magnite when launched was also the most affordable sub-compact SUV in India. However both the cars cut corners too far by providing underpowered engines with the vehicle. The turbo petrol engine with the Nissan Magnite is an only viable option at a higher costs. Find out below Nissan Magnite vs Renault Triber Car Comparison.

Price and Dimensions


Name Nissan MagniteRenault Triber
PriceRs. 5.49 lakh to Rs. 9.59 lakhRs. 5.20 lakh to Rs.7.50 lakh
Ground Clearance205mm182mm
Boot Space336 litres84 litres

Magnite Triber Car Comparison

The Nissan Magnite is a 5-seater sub-compact SUV while the Triber is a 7-seater MPV. While the overall dimensions are quite similar, the Nissan Magnite does have the advantage in terms of ground clearance and boot space. The 3rd row in the Renault Triber is also unusable for adults during long trips, so you will end up ultimately using it as a 5-seater.

Engine and Performance

NameRenault TriberNissan Magnite TurboNissan Magnite NA
Engine Type1.0-litre Petrol engineHRA0 1.0 Turbo PetrolB4D 1.0NA Petrol
Max. Power72bhp99bhp72bhp
Max. Torque96Nm160Nm96Nm
Mileage20 km/l20 km/l18.75 km/l

Magnite Triber Car Comparison

As seen from the table above, the Nissan Magnite comes with a turbo petrol engine which is pretty sweet for its price. Renault Triber customers have also complained since long about the under powered nature of its engine. Both the Nissan Magnite and the Renault Triber provide good fuel efficiency. Triber owners have also complained about the safety and stability of the car. The Nissan Magnite on the other hand scored a 4-star rating in safety and thus is a better choice.


Magnite Triber Car Comparison

Seeing from the buyer’s perspective if you don’t need extra seats for small children at the rear of the car, Nissan Magnite is a much better overall package compared to the Triber. The Renault Triber is only made for people who have small children in their family which can occupy the third-row seats. The Nissan Magnite on the other hand is a much better 5-seater choice. With better ground clearance, power and boot space Nissan Magnite is also the newer of the two products.

What is wrong with the Renault Triber?

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