The 2021 Maruti XL5 is coming soon. Will it be called XL5? We will have to wait and find out. But before that what do we know. This is going to be a new offering from the brand in it’s Nexa outlet. It will be a posh version of the Maruti WagonR and will thus be the cheapest car to be retailed from Maruti’s premium dealership. Recently, we have spotted this car again and below is what we have been able to deduce.

2021 Maruti XL5

2021 Maruti XL5 Exterior

The XL5 carries forward the same boxy design and stance as the WagonR it is based on. The changes here will be – new shaped LED headlamps, different badging, chrome grille, redesigned bumpers, new NEXA specific colors and from what we can deduce in these pictures, new alloy wheels. Now these alloy wheels don’t look like the standard multi-spoke black alloys that come with NEXA products. They seem to be the new style that we have previously seen on European cars more often. They are in a satin finish and look great. The car will also get usable roof rails.

2021 Maruti XL5

2021 Maruti XL5 Features

The car will get the Smart Play system from Maruti in terms of infotainment unit. The interior of the car will be all black and we might see leather upholstery on the Alfa variant of the car. Like the XL6 that gained cruise control over the Ertiga. We might see that as a feature here as well. Apart from that the interior will remain the same.

2021 Maruti XL5

2021 Maruti XL5 Specifications

The car is going to continue to be based on the Heartect platform that underpins all new Marutis. It will receive the same 1.0-litre and 1.2-litre petrol engine options which come mated to a manual and AMT gearbox. The car will not have anything mechanically different otherwise. We will see the same basic bodywork and expect no changes to chassis, brakes, suspension or capacities and dimensions.

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Lastly, like the XL6 we expect the car to come in just two to three variants, get a price hike of around Rs 70,000 over the the WagonR and come around March or April. We expect this to be one of the first launches from Maruti Suzuki this year.

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