The year 2020 despite it’s challenges did not dissuade people as much as we thought about buying cars. The pandemic did change some things for the better but they did not change one thing – people buying SUVs. Now more than ever, large families or even small ones to pull the trigger on buying a car and it had to be some sort of SUV. So below we have listed the Top 10 selling SUVs of 2020.

Hyundai Creta

The car that was the most awaited product of 2020 after being shown first at the Auto Expo and then took of in the sales department too. While looks initially were not on it’s side, the Creta definitely shook the market up with features and pricing like never before and thus gained number one spot in Top 10 selling SUVs of 2020 list.

Units sold: 96,989

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Hyundai Creta

Kia Seltos

Before the Hyundai Creta came in the market and retook it’s crown in 2020, the Kia Seltos had it all and given all that 2020 has been, the Seltos has finished at a good spot with a tally that really must have scared its arch Korean rival, the Creta

Units sold – 96,932

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Maruti Vitara Brezza

The Brezza has been a great product in terms of pricing, value and overall appeal for customers from Maruti Suzuki. A car that many consider as their first family car to a decent upgrade as well. That is why this is the best selling compact SUV in the Indian market today.

Units sold – 83,666

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Hyundai Venue

The Venue is always up in the charts every month battling the Creta and making Maruti think again about its SUV line-up. This car gave the compact SUV segment a good shakeup when it was launched with so many features. Its a great choice for any urban dweller with it’s easy of driving.

Units sold – 82,428

Hyundai venue

Mahindra Bolero

The old workhorse from Mahindra keeps on trucking and still has its appeal to buyers who want a basic SUV with space and low maintenance. The Bolero is also a favorite among fleet operation users.

Units sold – 55,433

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Tata Nexon

The disrupter. The Nexon bought big time safety and value to the segment. The Tata Nexon launched in 2017 has already got a facelift and has been a turning point for Tata Motors in India.

Units sold – 48,582


Kia Sonet

The Kia Sonet is the third product for Kia in India and has already been a great hit among buyers who want sporty and good looking car that come loaded with features. Sonet get features like cooled seats and a brilliant diesel automatic in the segment.

Units sold – 38,363

kia sonet

Mahindra XUV300

The safest car of the compact SUV segment had to make to Top 10 selling SUVs of 2020 list and is definitely a car the more analytical buyer will look at. The car get unique features like steering modes, seven airbags and three headrests in the rear. This is one comfortable compact-SUV.

Units sold – 32,197

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Mahindra Scorpio

The currently selling Mahindra Scorpio is going away. But not without one last hurrah! This car has made it to the Top 10 selling SUVs of 2020 list because of its rugged reliability and old-school charm.

Units sold – 31,240

Ford EcoSport

The car that started the compact SUV segment has slid down the list in a big way. But it still is a hot and important contender for anyone who is looking to buy a great driving machine. The EcoSport is still one that apples to the enthusiast.

Units sold – 27,181

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