Tata Motors recently announced that it will be resurrecting the legendary ‘Safari’ nameplate for its upcoming 7-seater flagship SUV. The Indian carmaker will be initiating pre-launch bookings for the SUV very soon. Ahead of its debut, the company has officially teased the all-new Tata Safari on its social media account, confirming that it will be arriving in the domestic this month itself. The company also posted a video on YouTube where the upcoming highlights of the car are explained. Find out inside 2021 Tata Safari design explained.

Different from Before

First-gen Tata Safari was launched in 1998. The SUV was discontinued last year as it was not upgraded to new safety and emission norms. Over each of its generations, the Tata Safari has received plenty of attention. 2012 saw its second upgrade and was named the Safari Storme.

Earlier versions of the Safari SUV were rugged and were offered with 4×4 drive. The latest one is a more modern SUV – which will offer top-notch features, comfort and technology. It will be the new flagship by Tata Motors. But unlike the previous Safari, the new Safari will not be offered with 4×4 or AWD system. It will only be offered as an FWD SUV, based on the same platform as the Harrier.

New Grille and Exteriors

New Safari SUV sports a new grille design which was seen with chrome-plated tri-arrow elements pointing towards the middle and the Tata logo positioned in the centre. This design is radically different from that seen on the Gravitas which had carried the same grille design as that seen on the Harrier and devoid of any chrome accents. This tri-arrow arrangement is similar to that seen on the grilles of the Tiago and Tigor and lend a premium appeal to the SUV.

2021 tata Safari

The soon-to-be-launched Safari 2021 will be based on the OMEGARC (Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced Architecture) architecture, which also underpins the 5-seater Harrier. It is derived from the Land Rover’s D8 platform. To be based on Tata’s impact 2.0 design philosophy, the all-new Safari aka Gravitas SUV will be positioned at the top in the product portfolio. More about 2021 Tata Safari Design below.

Similar Interiors

2021 Tata Safari SUV Rebirth, Design Characteristics - Explained By Pratap Bose

Similarities between Safari and Harrier extend to the interiors as well. It sports similar dashboard and interior layout with an 8.8-inch floating touchscreen infotainment system, electrically adjustable driver seat, a sunroof, keyless entry, push-button start and cruise control. To be offered in 6 and 7 seater options, the Safari will get captain seats in its 6 seater version and bench type seats for the 7 seater variant. In the video, Tata promises the new Safari to be a true 7-seater just like its predecessor.

Tata Harrier vs Tata Safari in India for 2021

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