Tata Harrier has become one of the most famous mid-size SUVs in the Indian market.  The bold and aggressive front looks, class-leading safety, strong build quality, powerful engine and massive road presence make the Tata Harrier a perfect choice.  Tata launched the Dark Edition of the Tata Harrier last year across various variants to cater to a larger audience.  A limited-edition of the SUV known as the Camo edition was also recently launched by the carmaker.  Find out below 5 unique features on the Tata Harrier.

1) Multi Driving Modes

Exactly not unique but quite a helpful feature. The Tata Harrier comes with three driving modes – Eco, City and Sport. This will allow the driver to select a desired mode according to the requirements. The Eco mode restricts the power delivery a bit with maximum focus on fuel efficiency. The City mode will still have efficiency as a priority but will provide enough power to zoom through traffic when required. The Sport mode, as the name suggests will deliver outright performance with focus on driving and fun element.

2) 14 ESP functions

5 Unique features on the Tata Harrier

The Harrier may not have an AWD drivetrain option right now but Tata has made sure that this does not hold the SUV back. The Electronic Stability Program (ESP) on the Harrier comes with a number of safety aids and traction modes. To be precise, the ESP on the Harrier has a total of 11 functions, ranging from hill descent control and hill hold to off-road ABS, cornering stability control and brake disc wiping. This is something that the competitions like the Jeep Compass and Mahindra XUV500 does not even come remotely close to.

3) Largest Size and Wheelbase

The Tata Harrier is the biggest vehicle in its segment, which again makes it stand apart from the others. The SUV measures 4598mm in length, 1894mm in width and 1706mm in height. It has a wheelbase of 2741mm and ground clearance of 205mm. Comparing this to the next largest vehicle in the segment, which is the Mahindra XUV500, the Harrier easily comes out as a winner. The XUV500 measures 4585mm in length, 1890mm in width, 1785mm in height and has a wheelbase of 2700mm. More about 5 Unique features on the Tata Harrier below.

4) Fast Charging Points

5 Unique features on the Tata Harrier

Mobile charging ports are a regular feature in cars nowadays so that’s not a unique feature. However, Tata has fitted the harrier with fast charging USB ports to charge your phone quickly. The 2.4A fast charging port are available for both the front and rear passengers and are quite handy, especially now when our phones are constantly running out of juice. Note that your smartphone should be fast charge enabled to utilize the full potential of these 2.4A port

5) Umbrella Storage with Audi-style indicators

5 Unique features on the Tata Harrier

The Tata Harrier has another nifty feature that is easily missed. The SUV comes with a dedicated Umbrella storage, which is a really neat feature. Especially for an SUV like the Harrier which is meant to be enjoyed outdoors and off terrain, a dedicated umbrella holder unit comes really handy to stow away your rain-wet umbrella, saving you the pain of wetting the seats.

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Harrier gets quite cool looking LED turn indicators at front. Though this may not seem like something special, it’s the placement and functioning of the front indicators that makes them appealing. It looks similar to what Audi offers on many of its cars. As a design feature, the headlamps of Harrier are placed below the LED DRLs. The sleek LED DRL housing also incorporates the cool LED turn indicators.

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