Royal Enfield had told about bring a new bike every quarter. To live up to this promise they will have to bring 3 more bikes in 2021. With the RE Meteor they introduced a new 350 engine which could be used in the upcoming Royal Enfield Bikes. Here are 3 such bikes which we are expecting from Royal Enfield.

New Classic 350

RE is expected to bring a new life to the classic Brand. The Classic being the highest selling product of the company has a lot of issues. Most of these issues have been solved in the Meteor. In a way the Meteor was a testing ground for the new engine and now once it has received a positive opinons from the people they can implement on the Upcoming Royal Enfield Classic 350.

This new engine has less vibrations and if they want to put it on the classic then the only thing that they will have to fix is the lack of thump. There is a loud growl but the thump is not that strong. The bike has been spotted once while testing but there is no clarity on the timeline of the launch.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Gets New Colours

Upcoming Interceptor 350

Interceptor has been spotted testing with a single silencer setup. The single silencer is supposedly indicator of a smaller engine. The only smaller engine that is worth wearing the interceptor bagde is the new 350cc engine.

Royal Enfield Interceptor (9)

Bringing the interceptor brand to a 350cc price range is to gain more market share. Currently there are a lot of people who want Interceptor but the price and maintenance is and issue. Offering a low maintenance product will help Royal Enfield gain those lost customers.

Royal Enfield Meteor Price Announced!

Royal Enfield Meteor 650

RE 650 Cruiser

The recently launched Meteor has gained immense success and a positive public opinion. Royal Enfield has been spotted testing a cruiser with twin exhaust. Now there is a lack of power is noticable on Royal Enfield Meteor 350. Giving it the more powerful engine like the 650 parallel twin is necessary.

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The RE Meteor 650 is expected for 2022 and seems like a under testing product. Royal Enfield won’t launch 2 Meteor based product back to back. There is though a possibility that we will see this product by the end of the year.

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