The 6/7 seater segment in India is slowly on the rise. Different brands are re-launching their 5-seater SUVs with captain seats for a 6 seater variant. In terms of practicality and comfort, these new cars are a much better deal. Find out below New MG Hector Plus against the competition

Price and Dimension

MG Hector facelift and 2021 Hector Plus priced from Rs 12.90 lakh and Rs 13.35 lakh, respectively - Autocar India

NameMG Hector PlusToyota Innova CrystaJeep CompassTata Harrier
PriceRs.13.34 lakh to Rs.18.68 lakhRs.16.26 lakh to Rs.24.33 lakhRs.16.49 lakh to Rs.24.99 lakhRs.13.84 lakh to Rs.20.30 lakh
Boot Space155 L300 L408 L425 L
Ground clearance192mm (laden)176mm (laden)178 (unladen)205mm (unladen)

The MG Hector Plus 7-seater clearly wins in terms of lower price. As the above comparison is a mix between MPV and SUVs there are some major difference. A new Jeep Compass Facelift is slated to launch soon and if launched with a 7-seater variant will have larger dimensions compared to current generation. While the Toyota Innova Crysta is one of the most famous cars on the Indian roads, the other cars in the competition are performing quite well too. The ultra-expensive pricing of the Toyota Innova Crysta may seem as a barrier for a number of customers. More about New MG Hector Plus against the competition below.

Innova india

Which are the Top Selling MPVs?

Engine and Performance

NameMG Hector PlusToyota Innova CrystaJeep CompassTata Harrier
Engine2.0L Turbo Diesel1.5L Turbo Petrol2.4L Turbo Diesel2.7L Dual VVT Petrol2.0L Turbo Diesel1.4L Turbo Petrol2.0L Turbo Diesel
Max. Power168bhp141bhp148bhp164bhp170bhp160bhp168bhp
Max. Torque350Nm250Nm343Nm245Nm350Nm250Nm350Nm
Mileage16.56 km/l11.67 km/l13.68 km/l11.25 km/l17.10 km/l14.10 km/l17.00 km/l

harrier camo

The Tata Harrier is the only car in the comparison which does not have a petrol engine on offer. All the cars in the comparison have great engines but the Jeep Compass Diesel has the maximum power while the Hector Plus, Harrier and Compass have the maximum torque.  The Jeep Compass Diesel also has the highest fuel efficiency here while the other cars are not very far away.

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