2020 was a tough year overall for everyone. The automotive sector, like everything else, suffered. However things are returning to normal and we wish 2021 to be a great year ahead. New car launches which were delayed due to COVID-19 lockdown are expected in 2021. Now for Ford, some of the products that were being jointly made will still go ahead despite of the JV between Mahindra and Ford ending. Find out below upcoming Ford cars in India 2021.

Ford XUV500 – C segment

2020 Mahindra XUV500 front

The next generation Mahindra XUV500 goes by the codename of ‘Mahindra W601’. A similar model name C-SUV will also be launched by Ford later. Both the cars are based on monocoque chassis. Dr Pawan Goenka, MD and CEO of Mahindra and Mahindra, was quoted saying that both of the above-mentioned cars will be available with its 2.0-litre mStallion T-GDi turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine.

Ford XUV500 spy-shot1

Mahindra launched the new petrol engine at the Auto Expo 2020. It produces maximum power of 190bhp/5000rpm along with 380Nm/2000-4000rpm of torque. Mr Goenka said, “ The 2-litre engine has been accepted by Ford for the W601,605”. Both the cars will also be made available with 2.0-litre diesel engines as well.

Next-Gen Ford EcoSport

The 2021 Ford EcoSport boasts of a redesigned grille with black and chrome inserts. The front bumper is also restyled with the lower section making way for a wider air intake and just above on either side, you could see the vertically positioned lighting housing. In addition, the triple-stacked LED Daytime Running Lights give a sportier vibe while a sleeker pair of headlamps will also be available. According to various sources, “It will be more crossover and less SUV,” says another source, who points out that the car will not be as tall as it is today.

According to sources,  the 2021 Ford EcoSport will be designed on the modified version of the existing B3 platform. It’s the first B architecture developed by Ford’s global product development process. Its modified version is likely to be more robust than the existing one. The India-spec version of the subcompact SUV could be based on the same new platform.

5 new features on the 2021 Ford EcoSport

Mustang 2021

Upcoming Ford cars in India 2021

Which is the most-iconic MUSCLE car in the world? Majority of people reading this article will agree with me that there is no better answer than the Ford Mustang. The Ford Mustang was the car which introduced the muscle car genre to the world and it did it well and affordably. Ford Mustang was launched globally 1964 but came to India only 4-years ago i.e. 2016. Ford brought the car late but its demand and sales have compelled Ford to bring a new facelift version of Ford Mustang in India soon.

2021 Ford Mustang Is Generally More Expensive Than 2020MY

You always hear the Mustang first and then you can see the actual car.  Ford did not cheap out here and provides a new 5.0-litre V8 engine. It produces around 450hp and a peak torque of around 560Nm. Writing these figures, my hands stutter. This car is purely made for the enthusiasts and will never disappoint its owner in terms of performance.  The exhaust notes have been updated to provide the monstrous sound, a trademark of Mustangs.

Upcoming Ford cars in India 2021

The new 2021 Ford Mustang also comes with a 10-speed automatic gearbox.  The gearbox has been specially tuned to provide a sportier response compared to the other cars.  Ford also provides a limited-slip differential at the rear, so the car won’t shy to go sideways. More about Upcoming Ford cars in India 2021 below.

Ford Ranger Raptor

Ford Ranger Raptor spy-1

Ford India is planning to take the market by a surprise by introducing its high-performance Ranger Raptor pickup truck in the country. Ford is planning on importing a limited number, 2500 units of the Ranger Raptor pickup to India, with a launch expected sometime in the second half of 2021.

Ford Ranger Raptor spy rear

While the premium pickup truck segment is not very popular and sales-friendly in India, limited numbers of Ford Ranger Raptor in India could help it create a market and interest for the regular Ranger in India. The normal Ford Ranger if localized in India will be used widely for commercial purposes.

Upcoming Ford cars in India 2021

The Ranger Raptor is actually the high-performance version of the Ranger pickup truck, optimized for off-road driving. As compared to the standard Ranger, the Ranger Raptor features a slightly more aggressive design. More about Upcoming Ford cars in India 2021 below.

Aspire Electric

Ford Aspire

Ford and Mahindra were jointly developing an Aspire-based electric sedan with enough performance and range to attract private customers. The lower tax rate for cars under four metres doesn’t apply to EVs, all of which pay a flat 12 per cent, irrespective of the length. So why not offer a bigger version of the Aspire at no extra cost? No extra cost to the company that is.

Upcoming Ford cars in India 2021

“The material cost differences between the two body lengths are negligible,” says a Ford India source. However, in the eyes of the Indian customer, the perceived value of a car increases with size. This mindset would allow a premium to be attached to the price of the Aspire EV, which, given the high cost of batteries, won’t be cheap.

Upcoming Ford cars in India 2021

A high-voltage 380V system was being developed to match a larger battery back and a more powerful motor, to give this electric sedan a level of range and performance that won’t let its owners feel shortchanged. Mahindra was developing a 60kW (81.5hp) motor, which is twice more powerful than that of the eVerito. A bigger 25kWh battery pack (up from the eVerito’s 20kWh) is being developed and according to Mahesh Babu, CEO of Mahindra Electric, it is good for “a real-world range of 150km.” In the official drive cycle, Mahindra is targeting a range of close to 200km. “The top speed will be 110kph so this will be an electric car with proper performance,” says Babu.

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