Toyota has launched the 2021 Fortuner for India. The Fortuner being a flagship product from Toyota has a lot of importance in the companies lineup. Technically Toyota has the Fortuner, Innova and the Yaris are their home grown products.

The Glanza and the Urban Cruiser are derived from Maruti Suzuki and are very frankly rebadged products. So this shift towards the premium products had lead this Japanese manufacturer to bring in a premium version of the Toyota Fortuner called the Legender in India. Here are the things that you should look for in the 2021 Toyota Fortuner Legender.


The Price of the standard Fortuner starts at Rs 29 lakhs and extends up to Rs 37.48 lakhs. The Legender on the other hand is Rs 37.58 lakhs.

Toyota Fortuner
4×2 MTRs 29.98 lakhs
4×2 ATRs 31.75 lakhs
4×2 MTRs 32.48 lakhs
4×2 ATRs 34.84 lakhs
4×4 MTRs 35.14 lakhs
4×4 ATRs 37.43 lakhs
4×2 AT LegenderRs 37.58 lakhs

On asking why there there is no petrol variant and also a 4×4 version of the Legender the company states that the buyer of the car will be satisfied with the power that the 4×2 offers. Also the Legender is a more premium city focused vehicle which can also do light off-road tasks. Also let us know in the comment if you would like to take a Rs 37.58 lakh vehicle for serious off-roading.

What’s New on Standard Fortuner?


The standard 2021 Fortuner facelift has a new front design. The design has become sleeker and a the bumper has a lot of add ons. The new headlights and grille section with wider central intake makes the front look really good.

Is this the Toyota Fortuner Facelift for India?

black roof

Also the rear has got some tweak and to top it off the wheels have new alloy design. Moving to the Legender there are a 18 changes that seperate it from the standard Fortuner.

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18 Changes on Legender


The front and rear bumper on the Legender are going to be very distinct. These are sleaker and have a more sharp looks. Although the butch nature of the Fortuner here is compromised the sharpness that it gains due to the new sporty bumper and sleek headlight makes it look very sophisticated.

Toyota Fortuner Legender expected features in India


The 2021 Toyota Fortuner Legender gets dual tone treatment with black coloured roof and dual tone interiors. There is hydrographic pattern on the upholstery and dashboard. The contrasting stitching on the upholstery makes the interiors of the Legender look premium than just the standard Fortuner.

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The rear tailgate is automatic and has kick release option which might be handy if you hands are filled with shopping bags. It also has USB charger along with a wireless changer provision.

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Ford Fortuner Legender

Other than that most of the other changes will be cosmetic. The Legender is available in Pearl white or Matte black whereas the standard variant of the Fortuner will have 8 single tone colours.

2021 Toyota Fortuner Expected features


The Fortuner has 2 engines – 2.7-litre petrol that makes about 166 bhp and 245 Nm of torque. The diesel engine will be a 2.8-litre mill making 500Nm of torque. The legendary also gets the same diesel engine with only 4×2 option.

Upcoming Toyota Fortuner Legender

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