Getting a driving license can be considered a life milestone. The excitement of driving a new car and the lack of training given at training schools in India can lead to skipping a lot of crucial things that are small but add to the driving experience. Here are 5 New Car Drivers tips which I wish some one would have given me.

1. Adjust the seat to see mirrors

Alturas Seat adjust

A lot of people adjust the seat so that they can reach for the clutch completely and sit very close to the steering. To get a happy ride you need to be seated comfortably in the car seat. If you are short try adjusting the steering instead of pulling the seat ahead.

You need to have both the mirrors in the field of view.

2. Check CoolantCoolant image

If you have a old vehicle the do check the coolant of the vehicle. Vehicle behave a bit different when running at higher temperature. To keep your driving experience good check this to get the most out of your vehicles. Also this results in slightly better mileage in the long run.

3. Clean the Windshield

Cleaning the windshield every time with a microfiber cloth cleans it better than just the wiper and spray. Having a clean windshield helps a lot during night driving when the glare caused due to dust on the screen might create difficulty.

4. Use Handbrake on Slopes

Slopes can be a bit intimidating in a manual car. Using a handbrake would prevent your car from rolling back and give you the confidence to get the clutch accelerator action. A lot of new cars come with Auto Hold function this prevent the car from going in the opposite direction.

5. Don’t Use the Clutch unnecessarily

A lot of new drivers use the clutch to overcome the anxiety of stalling the car. This not only wears you out but also puts unnecessary pressure on the clutchplate. Use the clutch only while shifting gears and to stop the car below the speeds of 20. Other times you can brake the car using just the brake and wont stall the vehicle.

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