When Tata discontinued and dissolved the JTP brand many were saddened. I think Tata was ahead of the game. Today the market for performance oriented turbo-petrol engines is evolving quickly. So a Tata Tiago Turbo petrol is going to be the ideal replacement for the brand. We have recently spotted the car testing around Mumbai and Pune. What are our expectations?

Tiago Turbo Petrol – A possibility?

Yes. Mostly yes. Now nowhere on this car is there badging of the variant or the engine option. But knowing where the market is going, Tata could be following this trend soon. Right now the Nexon gets the 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine, the Altroz is coming with Turbo variant plus a DCT gearbox. So we can speculate that the Tigor and Tiago that were recently spotted will be teaming up for this engine and gearbox update. With the Altroz taking on the Hyundai i20, the Tiago and Tigor will compete with the Nios Turbo and Aura respectively.

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Features, Engine and Design

While it won’t be no JTP. We can expect some inspiration of the hot hatchback to trickle down to the Tata Tiago Turbo petrol. We expect dark headlamps and alloy wheels. The rear spoiler should be enhanced and the bumpers should be revised too. It would be good for Tata to let regular Tiago owners to also swap it. Lastly, to differentiate it from regular models it will be festooned with new badges and so will the interior.

tata tiago turbo petrol

In terms of engine performance, we expect the car to be almost as powerful as the JTP. 105bhp should be where about we see power figures peak without Tata upsetting existing JTP owners. We don’t expect a lot to be done with suspension tuning or any other mechanical aspect. Contrary to many others thinking, this car could come in as a manual only to keep costs down.

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Pricing and launch

The car should be under 10 lakhs for its on-road price. Tata will only offer it realistically with one or two variants. Unlike the JTP it will retail from all Tata showrooms. We hope it launches by the end of the first quarter or the mid-year. Tell us in the comments what are your expectations too.

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