Tata Sierra was a car that was a steller for Tata back in the day. With the new approach that Tata has in the CMF department, it is expected to reach its pinnacle in with the Tata Sierra. But even before the car is made into a production model the Concept that was shown at the Auto Expo 2020 has a lot of key features that lead to the success of the old Tata Sierra. Here are few of the mention with their expected conversions in the Production model.

3 Door Design

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Although Tata Sierra was a 3 door design back when it was launched it never was a spacious car. The rear section of the car felt like it was too long with the 3 door design but the large glass area at the rear worked well in cutting the visual bulk. The 3 door design also meant that the rear passengers had to climb in from the front door but in the concept Tata Sierra EV shown at the Auto Expo it images of revolving seats. Although this is difficult to achieve while maintaining the safety aspect there was another rendering which had sliding doors.

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Nevertheless, with the Immense success of the Mahindra Thar which is also a 3-door vehicle, we can also expect the Sierra to walk on the same lines and retain the 3 door design. Positioning it as a lifestyle vehicle might be a really great way Tata might get in the competition. Assuming on the size of the concept that was shown at Auto Expo 2020, the Sierra might rival with SUV of the size of Creta and Seltos.

Wrap around Glass Area

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One more eye-catching feature on the Old Tata Sierra was the wrap-around glass. In terms of functionality, this has more cookie points than the sunroof and moon roof. Now the downsides of this are that the car might get hot in a sunny climate like India. Also, the structural integrity is a bit difficult to maintain with such a huge glass area. What might be possible that the pillars might be kept intact with the glass over it just for the exterior look.

Power Full Engine

Back in the day, the Tata Sierra got a 2.0 litre Diesel engine. This was a big engine and had a good punch and was very torque in nature. With the success that we see on the Tata EV now on the Nexon EV the upcoming products might be even better. The Nexon EV has impressive acceleration and this kind of same driving dynamics are expected in the Tata Sierra EV. What would be more on the Sierra EV would be the Range and the top speed. Also being a longer and bigger car than the Nexon It could accommodate more battery and so provide an additional range.

Tata Sierra Old engine

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No official launch date on the Tata Sierra makes it a bit of a letdown but we are expecting the car in 2022-23. There is also a question whether Tata will bring IC engine for the sierra? For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane Youtube, Google NEWS, Facebook and Twitter. We also have a car consultancy service – Know more.


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