2021 Ford Marazzo might be the first car that might come out of the Ford-Mahindra alliance. Although there isn’t much information available there are a few things that might be very signature of Ford. This will keep the MPV different than the Mahindra Marazzo and also give buyers a reason to go for the one over the other.

Alloy Wheels

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The alloy wheels on the 2021 Ford Marazzo might be totally different from the one on any other Ford Car and even the Mahindra Marazzo. The Wheel size is expected to be same but there is a catch here which you might understand once you take a look at the engine expectation. Also, newer alloys quickly add to the distinct look of the vehicle and sometimes might also make the car look big or small depending on the design.

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Engine Speculations

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Now there are a number of speculations about the engine of the is 2021 Ford Marazzo MPV. The engine is definitely going to be from the Mahindra lineup. The petrol is going to one of the MStallion engines. We are expecting it to be one the 1.5-litre engine. The diesel is expected to be stronger than petrol and might be positioned above the Mahindra Marazzo. According to our engine expectation, we are expecting a 2.2-litre diesel engine along with an automatic gearbox. This would be the same setup that we see on the Thar or is also expected on the XUV500.

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SYNC 3 Infotainment System

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The SYNC 3 has been around from 2018. But Ford has kept it updated with regular updates and bug fixes. The latest update of the SYNC 3 includes an update for maps which work pretty well in Indian conditions. Also if the car comes out in 2021 it will surely have Andriod Auto and Apple CarPlay. Now if it will be a wireless or not that we aren’t sure off as that is available on very few vehicles.

Ford Pass App

With the Ford Pass App, we mean that Marazzo might get connected cars features. Basic features like pre-cool and remote start via a smart-phone app. Move, find and guide are 3 main features of Ford Pass. It provides a one-tap solution about the car-related problems on the phone itself.

Fiesta Front

It is expected that the front facia of the 2021 Ford Marazzo might be same like signature Fiesta Front. Making the front section like a fiesta might make it look like Ford and also make it easy to market as a Ford Car.

The Fiesta Front on the 2021 Ford Marazzo includes a big oval-shaped Honeycomb mesh grill. This might be flanked with a Ford badge in the centre. Lastly, this edition of the new front might keep it different from the Marazzo. There isn’t much information about the design and name of the vehicle and we might see some changes on this reporting on later when the car is unveiled.

As of now, we do not know whether this vehicle would rival with the Toyota Innova Crysta or the Marutiti XL6. That would be something that would be confirmed once the engine options are clear. For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane Youtube, Google NEWS, Facebook and Twitter. We also have a car consultancy service – Know more


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