MG has current 3 products in India. The Hector is an SUV that comes in 5 and 7 seater option the MG ZS EV is an Electric offering and the Gloster is a full-size SUV. Their portfolio is small but well spread out. Now the company might move towards filling in the gaps between products and here is list of 5 upcoming MG cars that we expect in the coming years. Note that some of these cars have been shown at the Auto Expo and we have covered a walkaround video of each.

MG ZS Petrol

The most confirm of the upcoming MG cars is ZS petrol. This car will look the same as the ZS EV but will have a petrol engine on it. It is expected that this engine might be a turbo petrol engine which might fit in the competition.

zs petrol Upcoming MG Cars

The reason why we consider the ZS Petrol confirm because it has been spotted while being tested in Gujrat near the MG plant. So the company might have plans to bring it next. The rivals of this car would be the Creta, Seltos and Nissan Kick. Therefore we expect 2 engine option on this car of which one will be a naturally aspirated and one would be turbocharged for the sporty variant.

MG Sub Compact SUV

It is expected that MG will soon enter the most happening SUV space in India. This would be a sub-4-metre offering which would be based on the Bajoun 510. There is no confirmation about this but entering this space would give MG a piece of the biggest pie in the Indian Market.  Also having a small car in the portfolio spreads the range of the portfolio in terms of price and has an advantage when compared with other brands. It is too early to talk about the price and launch dates and so we shall wait for MG to decide and declare the unveil.

The 510 was spotted initially in 2019 but we think that time the car was here to test the platform. That does not cement the plan for MG to bring it to India just yet.

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This would be the bigger of the 2 MPVs that are expected from MG. It expected to Rival the Kia Carnival in terms of size. The main question about what features it might get would be answered once the car gets revealed for India. Placing it right between the Innova and Carnival makes more sense than just keeping as a rival to any of them. It might get the same engine and platform as the Gloster and it would have a relationship like that of Innova and Fortuner.

mg g10

This MPV is one of the most premium of the upcoming MG cars and not a lot of information about this could be speculated with accuracy.

MG 360M

The 360M is the next MPV from the upcoming MG cars list. This was shown at the Auto Expo 2020. The car shown at the Auto Expo had a 1.5-litre engine with a CVT gearbox. This made a power of about 103 bhp and 135 Nm of torque.

360 m -Upcoming MG cars

This is expected to compete with the Mahindra Marrazzo, Maruti Ertiga and XL5 and smaller MPVs. The price is also expected to be around 9 to 13 lakhs.

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MG R6 Sedan

r6 sedan Upcoming MG Cars

This Sedan from MG might shake things up in the Honda Civic territory. Although the Honda Civic was a great product the SUV segment has totally crushed this segment. There are not many takers for Sedans of this size and the remaining are converted into Compact SUV buyers. Launching a car in this segment might be a very later stage plan for MG once they have a strong foot in India.

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