Sunroofs have become a recent craze in the Indian car market. There are also multiple types of sunroof present in the Indian car market.  People are ready to spend some extra money to get this cosmetic accessory installed either factory fitted or aftermarket. But, are aftermarket sunroofs safe and worth it? Do you void the guarantee of your car by doing this modification? Find below everything about aftermarket Sunroof 2020.

Types of sunroof


Speaking broadly, there are mainly two types of sunroof: factory fitted or aftermarket. The main benefit of having a sunroof in your car is its aesthetic appeal. It adds a unique touch to your car and helps you stand out from the crowd. Your cabin also becomes roomier and receives a lot of sunlight during the day time.

Panaromic Sunroof

A sunroof helps people with car claustrophobia heavily. Factory fitted sunroof cars do not compromise with the safety/rigidity of the car but the same cannot be said about aftermarket fitments. Car manufacturers also drop test their sunroof fitted car to judge their overall safety. The same test is never done by any other aftermarket sunroof manufacturer. Sunroofs which are provided from the dealer side are also aftermarket solutions.

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Conclusion about Sunroofs

If you want sunroof in your car, factory fitted is the only safe option as of now. Unlike other car accessories, you should not risk your life on aftermarket sunroofs. Aftermarket sunroof installation in the worst-case scenario can also lead to leaks and panel gaps which will also make your car AC inefficient.

2020 Tata Harrier sunroof Aftermarket Sunroof 2020

Factory fitted sunroofs though expensive is the only safe sunroofs present in the Indian car market. India is already a hot/humid country thus sunroof does not make a lot of sense. It does add a unique touch to your car. Please avoid using aftermarket sunroofs.

Aftermarket Sunroof 2020

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