The recently launched Mahindra Thar has a design flaw that might be bothersome during these covid-19 times. In this article we would give you a solution on how to fix it in just Rs 1000 and also tell about the additional benefits of it.


Mahindr Thar

The Mahindra Thar does not get remote access for the fuel lid. To open the fuel lid you have to use the key and that means that you can not fuel the SUV without getting out or handing over the key to the attendant.

Mahindra Thar 2

During other times handing over the key was a good option but now due to the covid-19 crisis, this is a risk that you are being exposed and you either have to sanitise it again or just use the key yourself. This beats the purpose of the Thar being a more user-friendly vehicle which was Mahindra’s goal with this generation of Thar.

Why does Thar not get a Cable Release?

Thar lid

The Mahindra Thar has an option where you can remove the doors and get a complete Jeep like feeling. Now the open car would compromise some amount of safety but the central locking and immobiliser might minimise the risk of someone stealing the car. If it had got a cable release then opening the fuel lid and stealing fuel might become easier.

Mahindra could have solved this problem by giving a remote-based opener for the fuel lid but that might just add to the cost.

Rs 1000 Solution

Now getting a cable operated release system for the Mahindra Thar costs only Rs 1000. This is not a company fitment but is available aftermarket and will make the use of fuel lid easy. But one has to keep that in mind that this might have an effect on the warrant as it is an aftermarket accessory.

Mahindra Lid

This Rs 1,000 part and fitment makes the Mahindra Thar convenient at fuel station. To know more about the Thar City usage watch our video.

Also having a remote cable relaese system on the Mahindra Thar will keep you and family safe from the suspected infection of Covid-19. Also remote fuel lid opener is seen in almost all cars above Rs 7 lakhs. This feature missing on the thar was a big dissapointment among buyer and Mahindra should come up with a factory fitment as an option.

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