Buying a car is one of the largest investment for a majority of Indians. Being a developing country, new car buyers in India are increasing day by day. The mid-spec and lower-spec variants of the cars grab much more sales than the range-topping variants. Find out below about Top 5 Useful Car Accessories.

1) Tyre Valve Caps

Tyre valve caps Top 5 Useful Car Accessories

Starting with the tiniest exterior accessory possible is the tyre valve caps. You can buy these cheaply in the local market for all the 4 wheels and spare wheel, thus adding finish to the exterior of the car. This is a very small detail which makes you stand out and shows that you care for you as well as the car’s appearance.

2) Chrome Lining

Chrome lining for cars

Chrome is an entirely a personal choice. Many cars in India already come with quite a bit of chrome on them. However, chrome linings around the door, boot and chrome door guard elevate the styling of your car exponentially. It makes the window area of your vehicle look much larger, uniformed and airy.  It also adds shine to the overall look of the vehicle.

3) Tissue Paper Box/Sanitizer

Cropped hands using alcohol-based hand sanitizer in car background

While tissue paper box was already a quite widely used accessory in India, the present COVID times have also led to the popularity of hand sanitizers too. You need to have some sort of defence against the virus and need to regularly sanitize the touchpoints inside your car. Tissue paper also helps greatly during normal day to day usage of your vehicle.

4) Car Tire Inflator

Tyre inflator

Car tire inflator has become one of the must-have accessories nowadays.  You can always not trust small shops to fill air in your vehicle correctly. The air pressure in your tire also plays a huge role in performance as well as fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Electronic tire inflators work silently and easily and have become a worthy investment.  Goodyear tire inflator and Tusa Digital Car inflator with 2 years warranty are one of the great options.

5) Fire extinguisher

portable fire estinguisehr

Every new car(especially LPG and CNG) comes with a fire extinguisher but not everyone knows how to operate it. As a result, it is better to invest in fire extinguisher sprays which are much easier to use. They work quite well and also do not cost much. Investment towards safety should always be considered a priority above everything else.

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