Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the most famous cars in the Indian car market since a very long time. People have remained a fan of this car and the company too also released the third generation of the car. While the Swift is the not the best car in terms of safety, all the other features present in the car are value for money. Find out below about Maruti Suzuki Swift Lxi to Zxi Plus conversion.

More about modification

Readers should note that safety features cannot be added aftermarket to the car. Changing the manual AC to automatic AC also costs quite a lot in the base model. As a result, only minor changes have been made to the car which replicate the looks of the top model Swift. Starting with the front this Swift Lxi variant get LED foglamps and DRLs which cost around Rs.2500.

Swift Lxi Zxi Plus

The side mirrors of the base variant have also been converted to auto fold mirrors like the top variant with MGA genuine accessories which cost Rs.8500 including labour cost. RD’s 4 door power windows setup is also present which costs around Rs.9000. Readers should note that RD is the official supplier of Power windows in the higher-spec Maruti cars.

Interior modification


Apart from the power windows, Pioneer tweeters and speakers are present on all the four doors.  All in all the cost is around Rs.12,000 for the four doors. A custom wrap has been added to the steering wheel. Steering mounted controls like the top model have also been included here. Steering mounted MGA controls cost Rs.3500.

Swift Lxi Zxi Plus

Coming back to the exteriors, pillar lamps and roof-mounted spoiler increase the overall rear look.  The rear spoiler costs Rs.2400. A new rear parking camera has also been added to the car. Door visors have also been added on the all the four doors.  Special edition wrinkle/sweat-free seat covers used for this car cost Rs.5000. More about Maruti Swift Lxi to Zxi Plus Conversion Aftermarket below.

Smartsonic Android system with 9-inch display is the attention grabber inside. It also comes with a one-year replacement warranty.  The touchscreen infotainment system costs between Rs.5000 and Rs.9000.  Custom 5D mats cost Rs.1800.  A new centre armrest for the driver has also been installed which costs Rs.700. The key of the Lxi model looks completely new with the mods.

Swift Lxi Zxi Plus

It comes with three buttons lock, unlock and a dummy button along with a flip key.  The total cost here is Rs.3600. The music quality is also showroom-like.  The total cost of the overall modification is Rs.75000 including taxes and labour charges.

Swift Lxi Zxi Plus

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