Bajaj had an eventful year this year and the brand is gearing up for 2016. This again includes launches of multiple new products and two all-new brands from the Indian motorcycle manufacturer. The two new brands will be targeting different segment of buyers. First to be introduced is a new commuter brand that will be focusing more on mileage and will have bikes in the range of 125cc and 150cc. This will be in the same segment like the Discover, however it won’t very sporty and at the same time, Discover is now being categorised as Premium Commuter. Bajaj Auto is looking at enhancing its reach in the commuter segment, making Discover as a young and sporty brand.

The second brand to be launched is a new leisure brand. These will be competing with the Royal Enfield and will be powered by a 375cc engine. This is the same engine that will power the Pulsar 400 as well. It will be a cruiser bike and it won’t be called as Avenger. The Pulsar 400 will be getting a complete range of styles. There will be a naked bike, full-fairing bike and then there could be an adventure bike too.

The Bajaj brand will be adding more products under the Pulsar brand. This will include the Pulsar 150 NS and the Pulsar 180 NS. The 200 NS has been replaced by 200 AS and this will continue to be the case. The Pulsar range will be the sports bike flagship and the new leisure brand will also form the flagship brand for Bajaj Auto.


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