The Jawa Perak is one of the few bobber style looking bikes present in the Indian market.  The elegant and unique looks of the bike help it stand apart from the competition. In true sense, it has become every bike rider’s dream bike. The Jawa Perak is now slowly picking up sales and more than 2000 units of the bike have been sold this festive season. But everything has both pros and cons. Find out below more about the Jawa Perak BS6 2020.

1) Unique looks

The main advantage of the Jawa Perak is the exclusivity of its looks. There is no competition in the market and the total number of Jawa bikes sold are also very less.  The unique colour scheme available with the bike increases the overall attractiveness of the bike. Buying the Jawa Perak 2020 BS6 will always help you stand out in the market.

Jawa Perak BS6 2020

2) Better Engine

The bike comes with a 334cc engine which produces 30.63PS of raw power. The peak torque output from this engine stands at 32.74Nm which is quite impressive and enough. The smoothness levels are impressive and the engine feels refined when pushed hard.

3) Attention to details

The single-seat look of the bike gives it a definitive sporty look. The slash-cut exhaust system also adds a retro-modern look to the bike.  Stealthy looks of the bike may or may not make you a fan of it. The rear bumper and full-black engine look are also some of the beneficial highlights of this bike.

4) Waiting Period and more

Coming to the cons of the bike, the availability of Jawa bikes is the main issue of the brand in India. The brand has a limited number of authorized service centres in the country right now and thus, after-sales support can be an issue in many parts of India. Majority of the population in India live in rural areas/towns where this bike is completely impractical.  Metro cities in India also have too much traffic to enjoy the full freedom of this bike. More about Jawa Perak BS6 2020 below.

5) Ride Comfort

The single-seat with the bike is a double edge sword. While it certainly adds to the uniqueness of the bike, it is not very practical in India.  The lack of pillion seat may push away many interested customers to the alternatives. According to our author Chinmay, the suspension setup of the bike is also on the stiff side.

Jawa Perak BS6 2020

6) Not so affordable Price

While we realize it is always not about the price, but in a developing country like India, you also need to take this factor into consideration. The Jawa Perak 2020 costs more than the other bikes in the segment with pillion seats and much better after-sales support. If bobber looks and exclusivity is something you are after, there is no better bike than the Jawa Perak 2020 BS6.

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