The rising fuel prices have led to the popularity of CNG in India quite drastically. While Electric vehicles are still some time away from becoming mainstream alternatives, CNG as of now is the cheapest fuel alternative available in India.  Using CNG cars also decreases your carbon footprint drastically. CNG cars are comparatively harder to maintain and need more care and attention. Find out below about CNG maintenance tips you should never forget on MotorOctane.

Clean/Replace Air Filter

Air filter

Oxygen is one of the most important gases for all the organisms and your car is no different. For a successful combustion, your engine needs enough oxygen to produce adequate performance using less fuel.  Driving with a faulty air filter will drastically reduce the mileage of your car, thus deviating from the main aim. You should check your car’s air filter from time to time and clean it regularly to ensure smooth operation. We recommend changing your car’s air filter at every 5000kms to yield the best results. Air filter also do not cost a lot of money to clean/replace

Check the CNG tank


Any form of leakage on any fuel tank is a sure danger sign. Getting your CNG cylinder hydro tested is compulsory nowadays and you should get it done anyhow. Alternatively, you should not run your car for long on low CNG as it can be harmful to the valves and may cause an explosion in the worst-case scenario. Last but not least, you should change your cylinder’s physical valves if you feel your valves are too old or worn out. Faulty CNG tank will put your as well as other lives in danger.

CNG Compliance Plate Renewal

CNG renwal plate CNG maintenance tips you should never forget on MotorOctane.

Nobody likes to pay heavy traffic fines and renewing your CNG Compliance plate will keep you safe.  To complete this process, get your CNG tank checked from a government agency. In return, they should provide you with a test report and this CNG Compliance Plate. Having an expired CNG compliance plate can land you in hefty fines. This also serves as a means of proof/reference. More about CNG maintenance tips you should never forget on MotorOctane below.

Park in Shade

park in shade CNG maintenance tips you should never forget on MotorOctane.

This is the easiest tip to follow. While all fuels evaporate in high heat, CNG evaporates more quickly than petrol and diesel. Parking in a shade will prevent your natural gas from evaporating and will provide an additional benefit where you won’t have to step inside a hot chamber (your car). The overall car condition/paint will also be protected if you keep your car under the shade.

Always use Auto mode

Auto mode

All the machines come with an Auto mode for optimum performance and convenience. This mode enables your car’s ECU to decide when to switch on CNG. Your car’s ECU measures the engine’s temperature and when it is warm enough, the fuel switches to CNG. For non-sequential kits, owners should run their cars for at least 4-5 km on petrol before switching it to CNG. Manual mode should only be used in case of emergencies/by trained technicians during maintenance. Also remember to check the switch before you start the engine of your car regularly.

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