One of the most successful brands from Renault – the Duster will present itself in a totally new avatar in 2017. Based on several ideas accumulated, we have a rendered image of how the future Duster may look like.

The next generation Duster may have styling clues borrowed from the recently showcased Datsun Go-Cross concept  at the Tokyo Motor Show. It is also likely that the engines of the Duster will be revamped, to make them more efficient in terms of performance and emissions. A hybrid version also will be on the cards.


Though the Duster will be using its current platform, with some modifications, it may also share some parts with the Go-Cross. The next generation Duster will be a seven-seater SUV, with increased length as well as wheelbase. It will use the current six-seed transmission and also the AMT – EasyR , as the dual clutch gearbox of Renault will be expensive and may jack up the price.

Renault will price the new Duster attractively as this has been one of the recipes for the grand success of the Duster, having sold more than a million vehicles, since its launch, ten years back. We expect the next generation Duster to debut in India soon after its global launch, in late 2017 or early 2018.

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