Comfort is one of the most important aspects of modern-day cars. People are ready to spend extra money if they get guaranteed comfort and premiumness.  The suspension is a major part of the car which heavily impacts the overall comfort of a car/vehicle.  The suspension setup also keeps you safe during high-speed travelling. Find out below about the symptoms of a failing car suspension on MotorOctane.

1) One Corner sits lower than the other

Failing Car Suspension MotorOctane

To judge this defect correctly, you need to check this while your car is standing on level ground.  If one side of the car is lower compared to the other three sides, then there may be a problem with the suspension of the car.  Low air pressure in tires may also lead to slight visual imbalance so it is always better to check that first. If the car has a damaged spring, you might hear a clunking noise when going over a bad section of road. You could also observe this when pushing the car down from the hood of the truck, depending upon which is the lower side.

2) You feel every bump on the road

Modern-day cars are made to cruise over quite comfortably over small potholes and bumpers. But if your largest investment has started feeling too bumpy all of a sudden, then there may be a suspension problem. Many car manufacturers also make the suspension too stiff/soft which may lead to varied experience.  If you experience heavy jolting while driving over potholes, it is always better to drive slow and get it checked quickly by a mechanic.

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3) Lean towards one side

Driving in a perfectly straight line takes some skill but is not rocket science/very taxing. If you need to make too much effort to keep your car straight or your car fails to drive straight for normal periods of time, wearing out suspension can be a cause. The same symptom is also showcased by a failing steering wheel of the car. If you feel the steering is difficult to steer at low speeds, this is the broken suspension’s fault. Wheel Alignment and Tire Pressure Check may also cure minor issues while driving. More about Failing Car Suspension on MotorOctane below.

4) Shockers appear oily

Failing Car Suspension MotorOctane

These are the most easy-to-spot symptoms of a failing car suspension. When the shocks are greasy and are leaking oil, it’s time to say goodbye to the old shocks. They can ruin any other major component of your vehicle. As correctly said, prevention is always better than cure. Take your car to the nearest mechanic and find the root cause of the problem.

Failing Car Suspension MotorOctane

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