Tata has announced an elevate pack for the Tata Nexon. There are 5 things that you get under this pack which do add to the look and feel of the Nexon. Alternatively, this is also called the Tata Nexon Techno Pro + Pack. Here is all about the Nexon Techno Pack.

Air O Pure

tata nexon

Looking at the recent event of Covid-19 crisis and the poor air quality this Nexon Techno Pack offers an Air O Pure air purifier. This takes care of bacteria, viruses smoke and volatile organic compounds. It can also act as an air freshener by using special oil-based fragrances. It sits right into the cup hold slot and can be plugged in the 12V slot.

tata nexon

This also comes with added air filters which filter up to 0.3 microns. These also prevent dust particles from entering the AC vent and clogging up the coil hampering the AC cooling.

Scuff Plates

tata nexon - Nexon Techno Pack

These are metallic plates on the door sill and they come with illuminations. These add to the welcome feature and give a welcoming feel to the car. Also having scuff plates gives the a neat and clean finish to the door.

Wireless Charger with Holder

This allows to keep the mobile at eye level, and also allows to use maps without taking the field of vison off the road. Also using maps will use up a lot of battery as locations and data both will be used simultaneously. Therefore this holder is also equipped with wireless charging.

This might be a downside for someone who doesn’t have a wireless charging phone but there is no harm in keeping your regular phone on this holder.

Ambient lights

tata nexon

Ambient Lights are a feature that if there in a car does add to the feel of the vehicle. This is an app-based feature and has colour customizations in it. Along with the customization, it will also help to create an atmosphere depending on what kind of drive it is. Also one can set it according to the music that is playing.

tata nexon Nexon Techno Pack

Front Parking Sensors

tata nexon Nexon Techno Pack

The front parking sensors are always helpful in a car with a blind bonet. Although you can see the bonet from the driver seat the parking sensors are always an help while parking in tight spaces. Front parking sensors are switchable and can sense up to 1 meter. Also, they can be turned off when not in use.

tata nexon - Nexon Techno Pack

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  • The prize and the availability off this and installing

  • How is this elevate/techno pack info sourced? I called Tata sales and neither them or dealer is aware of this. Would appreciate some help as this is an exciting package to have.

  • Is this dealer specific as my dealer is not aware about this pack till now..

  • What about the price of the Techno + pack? And could you help out on the discount offers running on Nexon XZ+(O) petrol version.


  • Hello,

    I was going through your recent article about Techno pack for Tata Nexon. There are 5 good features which are included in this pack. Could you kindly help me with the pricing part of the package and more details about it.

    Rohan Samaddar