The exotic race car segment in India is not the most sought after segment in the country.  Being a developing country, the majority of the population in India are not able to afford these mean machines.  Extremely high import taxes on cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini convert them into distant dreams except for the super-rich people.  For people who cannot afford to buy the real deal, but still want to experience it in some form, EMT from Mumbai has come up with a beautiful body kit. Find out below about Lamborghini Aventador for Rs.12.00 lakh.

What is the Real Deal?

This black Aventador replica is based on a 2009 Honda Civic.  The price of the body kit is around Rs.10.00 lakh including GST while the prices of Honda Civic is around Rs.2.00 lakh thus bringing the effective price to Rs.12.00 lakh.  The car for the body kit will have to be provided by the buyer to the garage for modification. While surely this is not the real deal, you surely get some things similar for a fraction of cost.

More about modification

The Lamborghini replica kit itself is extremely well-designed. It gets sharp creases on the body and it looks like a real Lamborghini on the first look. Many who might have not seen a Lamborghini Aventador in real life may even think that it is a real car. Since it is an improved kit compared to the last one that EMT launched, this looks much more realistic. Even the headlamps get the exact shape and details of a real Lamborghini Aventador, which makes it even more realistic. There are three-pointed DRLs in the headlamps, making it look very similar to the real model.

Honda Civic 2019 India front

Based on a Honda Civic, the engine is located in the front of the car and there is boot space in the rear. In the boot space, a sub-woofer from Infinity is placed too. Since this replica is a two-seater now, the boot space has become much bigger than stock Civic and the boot lid is designed to look very similar to the real Aventador too. The design people at EMT have really done a commendable job.

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What about the interiors?

The exteriors of the car have only not been changes. The same look of the Lamborghini has been carried out in the interiors also. The cabin has been updated thoroughly with two bucket seats. The seats also get Lamborghini logo. There is a Lamborghini styled starting button positioned in the central console. You also get to see a lot of carbon fibre on the different parts of the car. Since it is powered by the 1.9-litre petrol engine and gets an automatic transmission, it sure will be a fun car to drive. While the engine and exhaust changes are not known, it does sound like a performance car. Lamborghini cars are known for their unbeatable performance surely are worth the big money they demand.

One Disadvantage


Lamborghini cars are known for their scissor doors. The doors of this Lamborghini replica however open like regular car doors. As an advantage, it makes sure that you can easily reach the doors for closing and opening but does not compliment the overall looks of the supercar. It also gets blacked-out wheels with red callipers that add a sporty look to the car. Even the door handles are flush-type and are hidden under the crease of the door. Just behind that is the cap to the fuel tank that is designed to match the sharp edges of the body.

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